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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Applications of Solidification Fundamentals
Presentation Title Ultrafast Dynamics of Solidification and Thermal Strain Evolution in Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction
Author(s) Adrita Dass, Chenxi Tian, Shonak Bhattacharya, Darren Pagan, Atieh Moridi
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Adrita Dass
Abstract Scope Understanding solidification behaviour during metal additive manufacturing (AM) is essential, as it directly influences final microstructures and residual strain states. Many efforts in this domain are based on numerical and computational approaches. Some studies focus on experimental determination of these parameters through in-situ monitoring including pyrometry, IR imaging or synchrotron x-ray imaging. However, these methods cannot directly measure the changes in lattice parameters in real-time, which is necessary for estimating transient parameters like thermal gradient and cooling rates. Here, we demonstrate a novel approach using in-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction to accurately measure solidification parameters during laser powder bed AM of Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel 304. Using this approach, we calculate the melt pool and mushy zone dimensions, along with real-time thermal gradient, cooling rate and solidification front velocity. The effect of material properties and processing parameters on solidification parameters are discussed and compared with other approaches in the literature.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


3D Analysis of Grain Morphologies and Solidification Texture in AM 316L
3D Characterisation of Cracks Formed in AA2024 and Implications for Alloy Design
A Multi-scale Modeling Approach to Microstructure Prediction for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Processes Through Phase Field and Cellular Automata Methods
A Phase-field Study of Epitaxial Effect on Solidification Microstructure in Metal Additive Manufacturing
Alternative Scan Strategies for Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing to Expand Process Space
Analytical Predictions and Experimental Observations of Melt Pool Geometry in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Application of a Solidification Cracking Criterion to Al-Mg Alloys at Rapid Cooling Rates
CA Model Sensitivity to Material Parameters, Nucleation, and Thermal Conditions Across AM Process Space
Characterization of Material Solidification Behaviors in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Operando Synchrotron X-ray Imaging
Composition and Equilibrium Phase Diagram Feature Effects on the Printability of Alloys
Consistent Coupling between Melt Pool Heat Transfer and Grain-scale CA Calculations for Additive Manufacturing
Controlling Additive Manufacturing Processes with Magnetic Fields
Creating Periodic Surface Structures Using Multiple Laser Beams
Design of Microstructures for Laser Powder Bed Fusion: From Solidification to Grain Structure
Development of a True Porosity Distribution Evaluation and Pores’ Shape Assessment Method for Wire Arc Additive Menufactured Parts Using Neural Network
Effect of Deoxidizer Addition on Melt Pool Oxidation of AISI 316L during SLM Process
Effect of Kinetic Anisotropy on Microstructure Development during Simulated Powder Bed Fusion of 316L Stainless Steel
Effect of Rapid Solidification on Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of an Additively Manufactured Nickel-based Superalloy
Energy Density on Melt Pool Dynamics and Solidification Microstructures in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Evaluation of the Effect of Rare Earth Alloying Additions on the Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Aluminum Alloy 7150 during Rapid Solidification
Immiscible Alloys for Residual Stress Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing
In-situ High-speed X-ray Diffraction Study of Phase Transformation in a Laser-Processed 420 Stainless Steel
In-situ Observation of Ferritic vs Austenitic Solidification Mode Competition in 316L Laser Powder Bed Fusion Welds with Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
In-situ Observations of Trapped Gas Pore Formation via Simultaneous High Speed X-ray and Infra-red Imaging
In-situ X-ray Imaging of Melt Flow Dynamics in Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing
In-situ X-ray Imaging of Multi-material Directed Energy Deposition
In Situ Imaging of the Effect of Gas Flowrates on Directed Energy Deposition
In situ X-ray Observation and Quantification of Keyhole-induced Porosity during Laser Additive Manufacturing
Influence of Pore Formation and Their Roles on the Tensile Properties of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Influence of Process Parameters on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel
Influence of Processing Parameters and Geometry Effects on Residual Stress Development in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Influence of Scan Strategies on Surface Morphology in LPBF
Integration of Fundamental Concepts from Solidification for Design of Printable, Strong, and Ductile Aluminum Alloys for Additive Manufacturing
Investigation into Interfacial Mixing Behavior of Blown Powder Deposited Inconel 625- Copper Alloy Bimetallic for Improvement of Bimetallic Joint Strength
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Metal Composites via In Situ Dealloying
LPBF Processing of the Al-Ni Eutectic Alloy: Experiments and Phase Field Simulations
Melt Pool Evolution in High Power Selective Laser Melting of Nickel-based Alloy
Microstructure Control with Advanced Scan Strategies Developed via Fast Analytic Thermal Modeling of Additive Processes
Microstructure Evolution and Nanoindentation Measurements after Laser Re-solidification of Hypo-eutectic Al-10 at %Cu
Microstructure Prediction Framework for Additively Manufactured Metals
Mitigating Stray Grain Nucleation during the Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Single Crystal CMSX-4
Modeling Grain Refinement for Metallic Additive Manufacturing
New Composition Based Index for Solidification Cracking Resistance
On Mesoscopic Surface Formation in Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Optimizing and Validating the Cellular Automata Finite Element Model for Additive Manufacturing
Prediction of Columnar-to-equiaxed Transition in Single Tracks during Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Quantification and Propagation of Aleatoric Uncertainty Through Numerical Simulation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process for IN625
Quantifying Impact of Fluid Flow on Melt Pool Model Predictions Across AM Processing Regimes
Quantifying the Influence of Local Layer Thickness on Pore Evolution during Laser Powder Fusion Using High-speed X-ray Imaging
Resolving the Porosity-inclusion Dilemma during In-situ Alloying of Ti34Nb via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Simultaneous, In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Radiography and Thermal Imaging of Liquid-to-solid Phase Transformation during Laser Fusion Processing of Ti- and Ni-alloys
Solidification Behavior of Martensitic Precipitation-hardenable Stainless Steels Produced via Additive Manufacturing
Solidification Cracking Model for High Strength Ni-based Superalloys by Selective Laser Melting
Solidification Fundamentals in Metal Printing
Spatial Variation of Thermokinetics and Corresponding Grain Morphology Evolution in Laser Surface Engineered IN718
Statistical Modeling of Microstructure Signatures in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Ultrafast Dynamics of Solidification and Thermal Strain Evolution in Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction
Undercooling in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing
Understanding Solidification of Al-Alloys Processed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Using Dimensionless Numbers to Describe Process Boundaries in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Welding and Solidification Theory Applied to the Prediction of Hot Cracking during Additive Manufacturing of Steels and Superalloys
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Nano-treated High Strength Aluminum Alloys

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