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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Nix Award and Lecture Symposium: Recent Advances in Nanoindentation and Small-Scale Mechanical Testing
Presentation Title Nanoindentation as a Reliable Tool for Measuring Surface Free Energy Over Five Orders of Magnitude
Author(s) Edoardo Rossi, P. Sudharshan Phani, R. Guillemet, Julie Cholet, Doriane Jussey, W.C. Oliver, Marco Sebastiani
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Marco Sebastiani
Abstract Scope Surface Free Energy (SFE) has become a relevant design parameter for producing materials and devices with controlled wettability in a wide range of applications, where spatially resolved control of surface properties has become a key enabling technology. In this presentation, recent progresses are presented on the adoption of nanoindentation to measure adhesive forces over small nano-engineered surfaces, in controlled environmental conditions, with an accurate account of instrumentation issues. A novel method to measure SFE over five orders of magnitude is validated on surface treated and nano-patterned surfaces. Its limitations and shortcomings are critically discussed in the context of relevant applications: from complex-geometry contacting surfaces in controlled environmental conditions, the time-dependent measurement of functionalization processes, to smart micro- devices with tuned surface properties. The enabling synergistic context of modelling, characterization, and advanced manufacturing is discussed.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


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Nanoindentation as a Reliable Tool for Measuring Surface Free Energy Over Five Orders of Magnitude
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