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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnetics and the Critical Materials Challenge: An FMD Symposium Honoring Matthew J. Kramer
Presentation Title Like Poles Attraction and Unlike Poles Repulsion - Science Behind the Mystery
Author(s) Hui Meng, Guiping Tang, Abby Shen, Michelle Qian, Qifeng Wei, George Mizzell, Min Zou, Christina H. Chen
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Min Zou
Abstract Scope Force between magnet pairs and surface flux density are studied to understand the attraction between magnetic like poles and repulsion between unlike poles with different permeance coefficients (Pc) and B-H characteristics. The magnet with a higher Pc can locally demagnetize the one with a lower Pc. A large localized demagnetization (LD) field can reverse the magnetic polarity in a localized region of the lower Pc magnet, resulting in attraction between the like poles. For magnets with nonlinear B-H curve in the 2nd quadrant, a repulsion can occur for the unlike poles after previously paired with their like poles. An inflection point (IP) was observed in every measured force vs gap distance curve for unequally sized pairs. The interactions of the IP, LD, and B-H linearity lead to diverse local magnetization states in unequally sized magnet pairs, which may be used to innovate novel magnetic components and devices.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Magnetic Materials,


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Like Poles Attraction and Unlike Poles Repulsion - Science Behind the Mystery
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Structure and Magnetic Properties of Galfenol Nanocomposite Alloys
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