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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnetics and the Critical Materials Challenge: An FMD Symposium Honoring Matthew J. Kramer
Presentation Title Utilizing High Energy X-rays to Perform In Situ observations of Alnico Spinodal Evolution
Author(s) Emily Anne Rinko, Matthew J. Kramer, Iver E. Anderson
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Emily Anne Rinko
Abstract Scope Rare earth (RE) free alnico permanent magnet (PM) alloys undergo spinodal decomposition of a solid solution B2 (BCC) phase to Fe-Co (α1), and Ni-Al-rich (α2) phases. As alnico’s coercivity largely relies on shape anisotropy, the distribution, size, and geometry of the resulting α1 impacts coercivity, which is too low for alnico to be an alternative to RE-PMs. Utilizing high energy X-rays with high time resolution (sub-second) small and wide-angle diffraction at different isothermal regions within the spinodal in controlled atmosphere, the evolution of the spinodal was studied in alnico alloys, one close to commercial alnico 8H and two others designed for higher coercivity. These observations helped provide improved understanding on how processing parameters impact the evolution of alnico’s spinodal and eventually can allow process optimization to promote maximum coercivity and energy product in alnico PMs. Funded by USDOE-OTT-TCF with EERE-VTO support and by KC-NSC through Ames Lab contract no. DE-AC02-07CH11358.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Magnetic Materials, Characterization, Powder Materials


A Solution to the Permalloy Problem
Challenges in Affordable, Reliable Permanent Magnets
Controlling First-order Magnetic Phase Transitions in Rare-earth Intermetallics
Critical Materials Challenges in ThMn12-type Hard Magnetic Alloys for Permanent Magnets
Developing Substitutes for Magnetic Alloys
Far-from-equilibrium Materials Processing
From High-throughput Synchrotron Diffraction to Closed-loop Autonomous Materials Discovery
Giant Saturation Magnetization of Fe-based Soft Magnetic Amorphous Alloy by Introducing Nitrogen
HDDR Treatment on Nd2Fe14B-based Magnets in the Presence of an Applied Magnetic Field
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Mechanically Strengthened Heterogeneous Sm-Co Sintered Magnets
Microstructural Evolutions, Phase Transformations and Hard Magnetic Properties in Polycrystalline Ce-Co-Fe-Cu Alloys
Nanocomposite Soft Magnetics: Applications, State-of-art, and Emerging Trends
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Galfenol Nanocomposite Alloys
Synthesis and Characterization of Rare-earth-based Metallic Glasses
Synthesis and Stabilization of Magnetic Nanoparticles of Rare-earth Metal Alloys
Utilizing High Energy X-rays to Perform In Situ observations of Alnico Spinodal Evolution

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