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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Sintering and Related Powder Processing Science and Technologies
Sponsorship ACerS Basic Science Division
TMS Powder Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Wolfgang Rheinheimer, University of Stuttgart
Ricardo Castro, University of California, Davis
Zachary Cordero, Rice University
Eugene A. Olevsky, San Diego State University
Scope The development of new sintering techniques, such as field assisted sintering, spark plasma sintering, flash sintering, laser flash sintering, and cold sintering, has led to material consolidation at significantly lower temperatures and shorter times. Microstructure formation and corresponding structure-property relations of materials consolidated using these new techniques need to be determined for the optimum performance of materials. Tailoring the materials’ sintering behavior, microstructure, grain boundary structure, local defect distribution, space charges, anisotropy of transport processes at interfaces, and texture enables new applications in various fields of structural and functional materials.

This symposium covers the fundamental understanding of sintering and grain growth in functional materials as well as their application to current technological challenges. Special emphasis is on new sintering techniques that go beyond traditional thermal processing and the active mechanisms enabling these new techniques. Accordingly, this symposium welcomes talks on basic science topics and modelling/simulation approaches. We also encourage talks on challenges in practical applications of sintering science, e.g., sintering and co-firing of multi-material laminate structures for use in solid state batteries. A major goal of this symposium is to promote the transfer knowledge between modelling, basic science, processing science and applications.

Potential session topics are:

Current problems of sintering science
- Sintering problems in solid state batteries
- Selective laser sintering for additive manufacturing
- Laser flash sintering
- Cold sintering and hydrothermal processing
- Constrained sintering of multilayered materials
- Nanosintering

Field-assisted powder consolidation techniques
- Spark plasma sintering: science and application
- Flash sintering
- Impact of electric fields on interfacial thermodynamics, segregation and transport
- Basic science of electric field effects on sintering and grain growth

Basic science of sintering: transport, thermodynamics and modelling
- Grain boundary and interface energy effects on sintering and grain growth
- Effects of complexions in densification and grain growth
- Liquid phase sintering and transient liquid phase sintering
- In situ measurements of sintering and grain growth
- Grain growth control approaches
- Modelling and simulation of microstructural evolution

Abstracts Due 05/31/2020

Coarsening of Several Ceramic Particle Systems
Electron Microscopy Observation of Electric Field Assisted Sintering of Stainless Steel Nanoparticles
Flash Sintering Solid State Ceramic Electrolytes Using a Novel Multi- electrode Approach
Grain Growth Measurements of Anti-thermal Strontium Titanate with Non-destructive High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy (HEDM)
Novel Low-temperature Copper Sintering Paste for Large-area Die Attachment at 200 ℃ in Nitrogen Atmosphere
On the Bending of High-aspect Ratio Freestanding Aerosol Jet Printed Micropillar Arrays during Thermal Sintering
Reduced Pressure Nanosintering during Environmentally Controlled – Pressure Assisted Sintering
Selective Sintering Technique: Modeling and Experimentation
The Effect of Cryogenic Milling and Parameters of Spark Plasma Sintering on Microstructure, Phase Composition and Mechanical Properties of Metastable Beta Titanium Alloy Ti-15Mo
The Effect of Texturing by Applied Magnetic Field on Grain Growth of Alumina

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