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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Sintering and Related Powder Processing Science and Technologies
Presentation Title Reduced Pressure Nanosintering during Environmentally Controlled – Pressure Assisted Sintering
Author(s) Kevin P. Anderson, James A. Wollmershauser, Mason A. Wolak, Boris N. Feigelson
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Kevin P. Anderson
Abstract Scope Environmentally controlled – pressure assisted sintering (EC-PAS) has been utilized to produce fully dense nanocrystalline ceramics with grain sizes as small as 4 nm (MgAl2O4). Densification with negligible grain growth is enabled by the EC-PAS process through a combination of applied pressure (2 GPa), low temperatures (< 0.5 Tm), and the creation of pristine nanoparticle surfaces that are preserved through the sintering stage. Nanosintering with EC-PAS has been achieved at 2 GPa applied pressure across many materials systems including a variety of oxides and carbides. In an effort to expand the processing space of EC-PAS, nanosintering was performed at lower applied pressures by tuning other sintering parameters including temperature, heating and cooling rates, and soak times. The effect of these parameters on the grain size and density of sintered bodies will be discussed using MgAl2O4 as a model system.


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