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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium MS&T20 Plenary Session
Presentation Title Integrating Materials and Manufacturing
Author(s) Charles H. Ward
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Charles H. Ward
Abstract Scope Innovations in digitally centric technologies continue to progress at a breathtaking pace and are impacting all aspects of our daily and professional lives. Inherently empowered by these advances, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) have helped transform the way in which we approach materials discovery and development, with a goal of delivering model-based definitions of materials and processes to be used in design, manufacture, and operation. Virtually concurrent with the launch of ICME and MGI, and equally fueled by advances in digital technologies, Digital Manufacturing, or Industry 4.0, seeks to securely flow rich component data through the manufacturing supply chain to digitally-native manufacturing equipment on the shop floor to accelerate production and enable novel designs while decreasing cost and enhancing product quality. This talk will focus on how the application of digital technologies in both materials and manufacturing are creating new opportunities to bring the two communities together.


Additive Manufacturing: Disruptive Threat to Global Supply Chains and Enabler for Sustainable Development
Concluding Comments & Award Presentation: MS&T20 Plenary Session
Concluding Comments: MS&T20 Plenary Session
Concluding Comments: MS&T20 Plenary Session
Effects of Retained Austenite Stability and Microstructure Refinement on Properties of Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels
Integrating Materials and Manufacturing
Introductory Comments: MS&T20 Plenary Session
Introductory Comments: MS&T20 Plenary Session
Introductory Comments: MS&T20 Plenary Session

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