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Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Metal Powder Synthesis and Processing
Presentation Title Engineering Amorphous Aluminum High Entropy Powder for Producing High Strength Cold Sprayed Deposits
Author(s) Denny John, Kazue Orikasa, Tanaji Paul, Cheng Zhang, Arvind Agarwal
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Denny John
Abstract Scope Absence of a comprehensive understanding of thermal evolution of structure and the mechanical properties in aluminum high entropy (Al HEA) powder restricts the manufacturing of high-performance deposits by cold spray. In this study, gas atomized Al HEA powder of composition Al90.05Y4.4Ni4.3Co0.9Sc0.35 (at.%) is devitrified at a systematic progression of temperatures to investigate the evolution of structural and mechanical properties for cold spray deposition. Devitrification induced nucleation and growth of crystalline aluminum and intermetallic precipitates with increasing temperature. Amorphous matrix with crystalline Al and hard Al3Sc, Al4NiY precipitates resulted in a 16% enhancement in the microhardness from 444 19.37 HV in fully amorphous state to 515 113 HV in devitrified state at 298 oC. Together with the understanding of the thermal evolution, devitrified powder at 298 oC will yield high strength Al alloy coating during cold spray deposition.


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