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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Synthesis, Characterization and Application of 3D Graphene
Presentation Title 3D Graphene as an Efficient Electrode for Capacitive Deionization
Author(s) Siyuan Fang, Liang Chang, Yun Hang Hu
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Siyuan Fang
Abstract Scope Capacitive deionization is a state-of-art water treatment technology based on ion electrostatic adsorption on electrode surface. 3D graphene synthesized via exothermic reaction between liquid potassium and carbon monoxide gas was demonstrated as an efficient electrode material for capacitive deionization, exhibiting a specific capacity of 207.4 F/g at 0.2 A/g in 1 M NaCl aqueous solution. In a batch-mode recycling system, the electrosorption capacity of the 3D graphene electrode reached 5.70 and 9.60 mg/g at 1.5 V in 50 and 295 mg/L NaCl aqueous solutions, respectively. The excellent electrosorption capacity of 3D graphene electrode, especially under low saline concentration, is attributed to the synergistic effect of its large surface area, unique channel structure, and oxygen functional groups.


3D Graphene as an Efficient Electrode for Capacitive Deionization
Development of Highly Efficient TCR with Free-standing Multilayer Graphene
Graphene-enabled Nanocomposites
Synthesis and Application of 3D Surface-microporous Graphene

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