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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Phase Transformations in Additively Manufactured Materials
Presentation Title Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Stainless Steel 15-5PH: Microstructure Analysis and Process Optimization
Author(s) Cameron Lucas, Nathalia Diaz Vallejo, Holden Hyer, Brandon McWilliams, Kyu C Cho, Yongho Sohn
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Cameron Lucas
Abstract Scope Microstructure development in 15-5PH stainless steel was investigated over a wide range of laser bed fusion (LPBF) processing parameters (e.g., laser power, scan speed, and hatch spacing) that were independently varied on the SLM 125HL. The starting powders, sourced from SLM Solutions (Lubeck, Germany), had a size distribution of D10 = 22 um; D50 = 36 um; D90 = 50 um, and composition of (in wt.%) 18.24Cr–4.35Ni–4.31Cu–0.86Si-Fe. Use of energy density between 58 and 278 J/mm3 produced nearly fully dense (≥ 99.9 %) 15-5PH, including the SLM recommended parameter set: power = 200 W; scan speed = 800 mm/sec; hatch spacing = 0.12; slice thickness = 0.03; energy density = 69 J/mm3). Microstructure analysis, including quantification of melt pools and cellular structure within melt pools, were coupled with the Rosenthal equation to understand the LPBF process in terms of cooling and solidification rates.


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