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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Acta Materialia Awards Poster Session
Presentation Title Flash Sintering of Gadolinium-doped Ceria
Author(s) Tarini Prasad Mishra, Rubens Roberto Ingraci Neto, Martin Bram, Olivier Guillon, Rishi Raj
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Tarini Prasad Mishra
Abstract Scope
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided
Keywords Ceramics, Process Technology, Powder Materials


Atom Locations of Minor Dopants and Their Role in Stabilizing the Hexagonal η-Cu6Sn5 Intermetallic Compound
Atomistic Simulation of the Formation and Fracture of Oxide Bifilms in Cast Aluminum
Bioinspired Mechanically Active Adhesives for the Repair of Heart Bleeds
Concentration-dependent Atomic Mobilities in FCC CoCrFeMnNi High-entropy Alloys
Demonstrating the Potential of Accurate Absolute Cross-grain Stress and Orientation Correlation Using Electron Backscatter Diffraction
Flash Sintering of Gadolinium-doped Ceria
Microstructural Optimization through Heat Treatment for Enhancing the Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance of Selective Laser Melted Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Orientation-designed Large Single-crystal Cu-Al-Mn Alloys by Abnormal Grain Growth and Their Enhanced Functional Properties
Titania Coated Mesoporous Silica Particles for Sustainable Water Purification
Unravelling the Role of Zinc in Magnesium Corrosion at the Nanometer Scale

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