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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Advanced Manufacturing, Processing, Characterization and Modeling of Functional Materials
Presentation Title Epitaxial growth of a magnetic shape-memory alloy via laser melting and directed energy deposition
Author(s) Jakub Toman, Tyler W. Paplham, Peter Müllner, Markus Chmielus
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jakub Toman
Abstract Scope Magnetic shape-memory alloys (MSMAs) elongate when driven by a magnetic field, with strains as high as 12 % reported in material free of grain boundaries. MSMAs have been used in prototype actuators, micro-pumps and sensors. Output force is a limiting factor for actuators, and is dependent on cross-sectional area and thus decreased by porosity. While other efforts in 3D printing or additive manufacturing of MSMAs leverage high porosity in pursuit of functionality, production of fully-dense MSMA with high maximum strain may be possible by directed energy deposition upon single crystals. Under exclusively epitaxial growth, deposited tracks would have no grain boundaries. To investigate this process, we produced systematic laser-melted tracks. Low powers and velocities solidified epitaxially, with rare stray grains, while higher-valued parameters produced significant stray grain content. Additionally, Ni-Mn-Ga powder was deposited in tracks. Selected tracks of both types were later heat treated.


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