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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, Healthcare and Industry
Presentation Title Multifunctional Exfoliated 2-D Oxides for Charge Storage
Author(s) Madeleine Flint, Peter Metz, Robert Koch, Peng Gao, Alec Ladonis, Scott Misture
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Madeleine Flint
Abstract Scope δ-MnO2 2-D nanosheet assemblies have been studied in detail to define the effects of atomic-scale defects and nanostructure on charge transport, charge storage and catalytic properties. We find a direct link between charged defects and the optical, chemical, photochemical and electrochemical function. We focus our studies on 2-D nanosheets with charged defects on the metal sublattice introduced via equilibration in a controlled pH environment, resulting in nanosheet assemblies with little re-stacking along the c-axis. In-situ X-ray total scattering and spectroscopic synchrotron studies teamed with Raman spectroscopy demonstrate links between charged cation defect content and lattice response that correlate with charge storage. In-situ data also indicates δ-MnO2 nanosheet assemblies breathe laterally (by as much as 1%) during cycling, while retaining constant interlayer spacing.


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