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Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Society for Biomaterials: Biomaterial Applications in Today’s Industry: Development, Translation & Commercialization
Presentation Title Metallic Materials Application in Medical Devices
Author(s) Bernie Q. Li
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Bernie Q. Li
Abstract Scope Metallic materials have been used in medical devices for more than 40 years. The active medical devices need metals meet biocompatibility, corrosion, forming, fatigue and electrical requirements. Pacemakers and Implantable Neuro stimulators such as deep brain stimulators, pain stimulators use Titanium sheets or strips for shield. Cobalt alloy and Platinum alloys are used for leads application. The form of the metals used in the devices includes fine wires, strips, rod and plate. Due to the different shape and size of the alloy, the materials properties can be very different from the alloys in industrial application. Some of them are not included in ASTM standard. These alloys have to have welded to different pieces or have to expose to elevated temperature for additional process. These additional processes modify the property of the alloys. In this presentation, it introduces alloy application in medical devices with different alloys and process effect on alloys.


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