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Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Dislocations in Ceramics: Processing, Structure, Mechanics, and Functionality
Presentation Title Understanding and Engineering Dislocations in Oxides at Room Temperature
Author(s) Xufei Fang, Oliver Preuß
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Oliver Preuß
Abstract Scope In light of the increasing interest in dislocation-tuned functionality of oxides, dislocation-based mechanical behaviour, for instance, dislocation-mediated plasticity and dislocation-based toughening have also become highly relevant. Due to the brittle nature of oxides, it remains a great challenge to introduce dislocations with controlled structures without cracking, particularly at room temperature. Here I focus on room-temperature dislocation mechanics in oxides and present a roadmap to introduce dislocations and understand the dislocation behaviour (dislocation nucleation, multiplication, and motion), and ultimately to tailor the dislocation-mediated plasticity in a model oxide, SrTiO3, by combining various testing methods across the length scales. Several useful concepts and approaches for experimental design such as cyclic indentation tests, surface dislocation engineering, and thermal treatment will be demonstrated to tailor the dislocation plasticity and, more strikingly, the hardness and fracture toughness of the crystal. The proofs-of-concept on SrTiO3 are validated on other oxides to showcase the general applicability.


Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Analysis of the Connection between Dislocation Slip and Ionic Transport in Plastically Deformed Oxides
Charged Dislocations in Ionic Ceramics: Equilibrium and Kinetics
Effects of Light Illumination on the Dislocation-mediated Plasticity in Single-crystalline ZnO
In Situ Observation of Fracture Dominated by a Single Dislocation and Its Governing Mechanics
Understanding and Engineering Dislocations in Oxides at Room Temperature

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