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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium ACerS Richard M. Fulrath Award Session
Presentation Title Next Generation Energy Storage Materials for Carbon Neutral Society
Author(s) Fuminori Mizuno
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Fuminori Mizuno
Abstract Scope Energy storage materials for battery application are essential to realize a carbon neutral society. This talk will give you three unique approaches. Firstly, we have developed highly lithium-ion conductive solid electrolytes obtained through crystallization of sulfide-based glassy materials. This methodology is indeed a good approach to design the materials and also to manufacture such functional materials. Using a solid electrolyte, all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries have been well assembled. We have really recognized that solid-solid contacts in the batteries are obviously crucial to determine the cell performances, and the solid electrolyte plays an important role to maintain the solid-solid interface. Secondly, we have demonstrated a variety of materials which have been studied for Mg battery cathode. In multi-valent chemistry, we may need to change the methodology to design a host-guest relationship. Through high-throughput screening and highly advanced analysis, not only characteristic polymorphs but also unique molecule structures have been discovered so far. Lastly, encouraged by solid-state chemistries, new approaches to imagine a sustainable future society have been studied greatly. Using an example of metal-gas battery system, some challenges will be presented.


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