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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Electrical Steels
Presentation Title The Processing and Application of Fe-6.5%Si Ribbons and Flakes
Author(s) Gaoyuan Ouyang, Iver Anderson, Matthew Kramer, Jun Cui
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Gaoyuan Ouyang
Abstract Scope The performance of electrical steel depends on its silicon content. Fe-6.5%Si has higher resistivity and lower iron losses than the widely used Fe-3.2%Si. However, Fe-6.5%Si is difficult to fabricate using the traditional cold-roll process since the ordered phases formed during the process embrittle the alloy. Rapid solidification is a viable route to fabricate Fe-6.5%Si thin sheet since it suppresses the embrittling ordered phases. We have established the relationship among cooling rate, chemical ordering, mechanical, and magnetic properties of Fe-6.5%Si during the melt spinning process, which lays the foundation for preparation Fe-6.5%Si ribbon with a tunable ductility. We constructed standard stack laminates for motor stators using Fe-6.5%Si, and developed a novel ribbon bundle stator concept that uses Fe-6.5%Si narrow ribbons. We also developed novel melt spinning techniques that directly yield ductile Fe-6.5%Si flakes, which can be coated and consolidated into near net shape motor stators or inductors.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Magnetic Materials, Solidification, Iron and Steel


A New Approach to Optimise the Microstructure of Non-oriented Electrical Steel Sheets
Constitutive Modelling of High-temperature Flow Behavior of a Non-oriented Electrical Steel with 3.2 wt% Si
Effect of Cold Rolling Reduction Rate and Rare Earth Yttrium on Microstructure and Texture of Oriented Silicon Steel
Effect of Rare Earth Yttrium on Inclusion and Texture of Oriented Silicon Steel
Microstructure and Texture Evolution of High Grade Non-oriented Electrical Steel for New Energy Vehicles during Hot Rolling
Report on Some Recent Progress on the Understanding of the Goss Texture in Fe-3 % Si Grain Oriented Electrical Steels
The Processing and Application of Fe-6.5%Si Ribbons and Flakes
The Role of Temper Rolling and Annealing on the Magnetic Property Improvement of a Low Si Non-oriented Electrical Steel

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