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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Materials vs Minerals: Bridging the Gap between Materials Science and Earth and Planetary Science
Presentation Title New Worlds - New Chemistry
Author(s) Alexandra Navrotsky
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Alexandra Navrotsky
Abstract Scope Recent discovery of the immense variety of planetary environments offers both challenge and opportunity to materials scientists. I present four scenarios to invite you to ponder the new chemical reactions and compounds that might occur in alien environments. The first is the interior of giant gaseous planets like Jupiter. The second is the environment on and in the moons of the outer icy planets. The third is the atmosphere and surface of Venus. The fourth is the surface of Mercury. Exoplanets offer an even larger and more diverse set of possible environments and opportunities for new chemistry. Compounds we synthesize laboriously in small quantities may exist en masse in extraterrestrial environments, accompanied by new materials we have not yet thought of or made. Burgeoning interest in space exploration and exoplanets creates new frontiers for materials science and earth science.


Deformation of Pyrometric Cones and Coal Ash Cones at High Temperatures
Formation of Carbon Nano-fragments from Silicon Carbide Surfaces: Implications for Carbon Reservoirs in Circumstellar Envelopes
Introductory Comments: Materials vs Minerals: Bridging the Gap between Materials Science and Earth and Planetary Science
New Worlds - New Chemistry
Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Mineral-water Interfaces with Surface Defects
Thermodynamic Modeling of Al-Ti-rich Pyroxene Solid Solutions: Deducing the Nebular Conditions of Condensation of Ti+3 and Ti+4 Oxidation States
Thermodynamic Origins of the First Solids in the Solar System: The Need for Computational Materials Science
Uncertainty of Phase Equilibrium

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