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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Alumina and Bauxite
Presentation Title Bauxite Residue Neutralization Potential Using Biogenic Sulfuric and Citric Acids
Author(s) Patricia Magalhães Pereira Silva, Roseanne Barata Holanda, Andre Luiz Vilaça do Carmo, Fernando Gama Gomes, Raphael Vieira da Costa, Caio César Amorim de Melo, Adriano Reis Lucheta, Marcelo Montini
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Adriano Reis Lucheta
Abstract Scope Attenuation of high alkalinity and sodicity in bauxite residue (BR) is a fundamental requirement for its use in alternative large-scale applications, such as agriculture and building materials. The high chemical neutralization cost is one of the main limitations for broad BR use. This study applied a biotechnological approach to ameliorate BR characteristics by using ex-situ biogenic sulfuric (H2SO4) and citric (C6H8O7) acids produced by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and Aspergillus niger, respectively, in comparison with their analytical ACS grade equivalents. Batch tests containing BR (20% w / v) mixed with acidic solutions were conducted followed by solid (XRD, XRF, SEM) and liquid (pH, EC, ICP-OES) phases evaluation. Results showed that the biogenic H2SO4 was more effective for the BR partial pH neutralization (final pH ~8) and sodicity decreasing (35% reduction) when compared with biogenic C6H8O7 and H2SO4 ACS grade, indicating the potential of this biotechnological route for the BR amelioration prior use.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


Alumina Refinery Volume Control
Bauxite Residue Neutralization Potential Using Biogenic Sulfuric and Citric Acids
Gravity Methods Applied to Bauxite Residue for Mineral Pre-concentration
Implementation of Digital Technologies in Alumina Refining: A Producer Experience
Introductory Comments: Alumina and Bauxite
Revisiting Alternative Smelter Grade Alumina Production Processes
Silicon Rich Iron Alloy from Bauxite Residue
The Application of Intelligent Control to Red Mud Settling and Washing in Alumina Refinery

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