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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Plasmonics in Nanocomposite Materials
Presentation Title Engineered Plasmonic Nanoparticle Based Detection: Advanced Sensitivity and Selectivity
Author(s) Nasrin Hooshmand
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Nasrin Hooshmand
Abstract Scope Over the past decades, gold and silver nanoparticles and their composites have received extensive attention owing to their unique properties called “localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR)” that enables them to absorb and reradiate photons when they are exposed to electromagnetic radiation. This property made them promising candidates for chemical and biochemical sensing. The extreme levels of sensitivity arise from the LSPR associated with the nanogap of assembled nanoparticles. Using new models of interaction between nanoparticles, we have achieved a tighter localized plasmonic field, down to 2 nanometers apart in order to overcome the conventional detection limit. We also examined the plasmonic photothermal therapy by inducing localized plasmonic heating at the nuclear region of the cells. This study has provided valuable insight into the application of nanoparticles in medicine and molecular biology.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


Anisotropic and Shape-selective Plasmonic Nanomaterials: Structure-property Relationships
Electron Transfer and Catalysis in Plasmonic Nanocomposite Systems
Emerging Anisotropic 2D Layered Materials for Plasmonics and Polaritonics
Engineered Plasmonic Nanoparticle Based Detection: Advanced Sensitivity and Selectivity
Fin p-n Heterojunctions for High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes and Lasers at Sub-micron Scale
Gold and Au/Ni and Other Plasmonic Nanoparticles: Using Theory to Understand Metal Recovery and Optical Properties
Nanophotonics for Neural Engineering
Nanoplasmonics and Its Applications in Nanomedicine
Plasmonic Compound Nanohole Arrays
Spectral Enhancement of Dye Molecules Adsorbed on Titania Prepared on Gold Nanoparticles
Understanding Photocarrier and Gas Dynamics to Rationally Design Nano-heterostructured Photocatalysts for CO2 Conversion

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