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How to Use the Personal Conference Scheduler

The Personal Conference Scheduler contains detailed information concerning the programming and activities associated with upcoming meetings developed through ProgramMaster (inclusive of technical programming, with abstracts; committee meetings; and social functions). You can build your schedule item by item or you may add entire symposia with a single click. Furthermore, you can return to the site as often as you like to tweak a schedule that you have created or to build one from scratch.

We believe that the Personal Conference Scheduler is easy and intuitive to use. Here a few key points to keep in mind:

  • To use the Personal Conference Scheduler, you must first log in.
  • If you are already a registered user of ProgramMaster, you may log in using that identity. It you are new to ProgramMaster, you can create an identity (it is free).
  • Each user identity can have only one schedule per meeting (this is to prevent version chaos).
  • When viewing a programming day, click the link to see the abstract (it pops up in a separate window).
  • If you create a schedule while a program is marked as "preliminary", you will receive an e-mail notification when it is set to "final" so that you can check for version changes.

This page contains some of the more commonly asked questions concerning the use of the Personal Conference Scheduler. If you have difficulties using the system, please contact

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