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About this Symposium
Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Bulk Metallic Glasses XX
Sponsorship TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Robert Maass, Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM)
Peter Derlet, Paul Scherrer Institut
Katharine M. Flores, Washington University in St. Louis
Yonghao Sun, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lindsay Greer, University of Cambridge
Peter K. Liaw, University of Tennessee
Scope Suppressing crystallization of metallic melts leads to the formation of metals that lack long-range order. Major advances in the fundamental understanding of glass formation and alloy design have promoted the development of so-called bulk metallic glasses, with critical casting thicknesses of several centimeters. These novel bulk metals possess a range of advantageous mechanical and functional properties, but a complete understanding of how structure relates to properties is still lacking. This symposium is a platform to discuss the recent progress made in processing, manufacturing, structure, and properties.

The Bulk Metallic Glass symposium brings together a broad range of materials researchers for a technical exchange and a discussion of the scientific issues driving research in this field. The topics of interest to this symposium include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Glass-forming ability and the glass transition
* Atomic structure
* Alloy development and processing
* Additive manufacturing of metallic glasses
* Mechanical and physical properties
* Homogeneous and inhomogeneous deformation
* Atomistic simulations
* Modelling and theory of fundamentals

The symposium will emphasize experimental, computational, and theoretical aspects of the development, processing, and properties of metallic glasses.

Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Spatially Resolved View on Heterogeneous Dynamics in Metallic Glasses
A Study of Ideal Glass State via High Entropy Metallic Glasses
A Theoretical Framework for Predicting the Ultimate Strength of Metals
Achieving High Strength and Toughness by Modulating Metallic Glass Composition at the Nanoscale
Across the Field of Bulk Metallic Glass - The Second Amorphous Phase
An Atomic-level Perspective of Shear Banding in Metallic Glasses
Are Metallic Glasses Brittle or Ductile?
Atomic-scale Nature of the Invar Effect in Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
Compositional Dependence of the Fragility in Metallic Glass Forming Liquids
Comprehensive Investigation of Glass Formation Behavior of Ni-based Binary Alloys Considering Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Construction of Three-dimensional Deformation Sequence Map in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Correlating Rejuvenation within the Elastic Limit with Anelasticity in Metallic Glasses
Crystal Nucleation from a Hard-sphere Liquid
Development and Application of an Atomic Cluster Expansion Potential for the CuZr System
Development and Properties of Marginal Zr-based Bulk Glassy Alloys
Effect of Annealing and Cryogenic Treatment on the Size-dependent Deformation Behavior of the Metallic Glass
Effect of Impurities on the Mechanical Properties of Commercial-grade Bulk Metallic Glass
Effect of Quenched-in Nuclei on Mechanical Properties of Metallic Glasses
Elucidating the Structure of Glass: Bottom-up or Top-down?
Emergent Structural and Temporal Length Scales in Metallic Glasses - An Atomistic Simulation Perspective
Employment of Joule Heating and Simple Mechanical Loading to Stretch Bulk Metallic Glass Rod into Wire
Enhanced Stability of Metallic Glass Thin Films using an Ion Beam at Room Temperature
Evidence of Pre-crystallization Structures in a Zr-based Metallic Glass
Fracture Toughness of Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
Genetic Algorithm-assisted Discovery and Characterization of New Metallic Glass Coatings For Extreme Conditions
Glass Formation and Shear Banding in CrMnFeCoNi High-entropy Metallic Glasses: A Molecular Dynamics Study
How Does Free Volume Behave in Metallic Glasses under Pressure?
Imaging Crystallization of a Au-based Bulk Metallic Glass: Influence of the Initial Glassy State
In-situ XRD Studies of Crystallization and Phase Transformations in Metallic Glasses upon Ultrafast Heating
Investigation of Crystallization Behavior of Zr-based Metallic Glass with Enhanced Icosahedral Ordering via Flash DSC
Investigation of the Surface Integrity in Micro-milling of Zr-based BMGs
Local Strain Analysis by 4D-STEM on Zr50Cu40Al10 Subjected to High Pressure Torsion
Long-time Structural Evolution of Metallic Glasses
Low-temperature Relaxation and Crystallization Processes in Metallic Glasses
Machine Learning versus Human Learning in Complex Materials Discovery and Science: Predicting Glass-forming Ability of Metallic Glasses
Measurements from the Gap: Viscosity and Wave Speed Measurements in the Supercooled Liquid Region
Mechanical Properties and Scaling Laws of Bicontinuous Nanoporous Metallic Glasses
Medium-range Order Controls Hardness and Fracture Toughness in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Metallic Glass Coating for Improving Dicing Performance of Hard/Brittle Materials
Metallic Glasses' Global Energy and Structural Heterogeneity Predicted by Machine Learning
Metallic Glass: Poised for Prevalence
Microstructure and Wear Properties of Novel Fe Metamorphic Alloy Manufactured by Thermal Spray Process
Nano-mechanical Probing of Elasticity Length Scales in Metallic Glasses
Non-affine Strains in Glassy Solids
Observation of Deformation Features in Metallic Glasses
On the Correlation between Multiscale Structural Heterogeneities and Mechanical Properties in Metallic Glasses
Ordering and Intermittent Structural Relaxation in a Model Binary Solid System
Origin of Low Temperature Mechanical Loss in Metallic Glass
Origin of Super Plastic Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glass with Complex Icosahedral Order
Origin of α-relaxation in Metallic Liquids
Oxygen-induced Ultrastability and Sluggish Dynamics in Deposited Metallic Glasses
Pressure-induced Local Structural Crossover in a High-entropy Metallic Glass
Pressure Dependence of the Collective Motion in Metallic Glasses Studied with Coherent X-rays
Processability of Cu-Ti-based Metallic Glasses via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Property Studies on Atomically Smooth Metallic Glasses
Quantifying the Local Structure of Metallic Glass as a Function of Composition, Atomic Size, and Processing History
Rejuvenation of the Supercooled Liquid State by Straining during Cooling
Selective Laser Melting and Characterization of a Massive Amorphous soft Magnetic Rotor for Electric Applications
Spectroscopic Evaluation of Tribologically-induced Structural Transformations and Chemical Changes in Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass
Steady-state Serrated Flow Induced by Rejuvenation Gradient in Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass
Stress-strain Measurements on Cyclically Sheared Colloidal Glasses
Structural Development of (Fe36Co36B19.2Si4.8Nb4)99.5Cu0.5 BMG
Structural Dynamics in the Microplastic Regime of a Zr-based Metallic Glass
Structural Symmetry of Medium Range Ordering in Metallic Glasses Revealed by Angular Correlation Analysis of 4D-STEM Nanodiffraction
Structure-Dynamics Relationships in Cryogenically Deformed Bulk Metallic Glass
Studying Phase Transitions in Slow Motion via Fast Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Tailoring Structure and Properties of Bulk Metallic Glass through a Laser-process and Thermomechanical Process
Temperature Dependence of Pressure Sensitivity in a Metallic Glass Composite
The Physics of Elemental Ag and Binary Cu-Ag Glasses: First Order Glass Transition
The Role of Structural Motifs and Outliers in the Deformation of Metallic Glasses
The Strain Rate Sensitivity of Heterogeneous Thin Film Metallic Glasses: Interplay between Nanoscale Heterogeneity and Dynamic Plasticity
Thermal Drawing of Bulk Metallic Glasses within Polymer Fibers: Challenges and Opportunities
Thermodynamic Connections to the Fragility of Pt-based BMGs
Tuning Microstructure and Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Co-Ni-V and Co-Ni-V-Al Medium Entropy Alloy Thin Films via Deposition Power
Two-step Annealing Induced Structural Rejuvenation: A Cause for Memory Effect in Metallic Glasses
Ultrastable States in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Uncovering the Structural Evolution of Metallic Liquids during Vitrification
Using Machine Learning to Find Correlations of Structure Motifs with Metallic Glass States and Mechanical Properties

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