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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Online Teaching Best Practices for the COVID Era and Beyond
Sponsorship ACerS Electronic Division
Organizer(s) B. Reeja Jayan, Carnegie Mellon University
Jennifer Andrew, University of Florida
Scope When learning goes virtual, how do you keep students engaged and importantly to think, learn, question, be creative, and experiment? How can we use new virtual tools (e.g., games like Minecraft) to help them to work with their hands, to interact with real objects and engage 3-dimensionally with their peers in a collaborative environment that is not confined to the panels of a ZOOM room. This is where active learning concepts like flipped classrooms and game based learning helps. At a time, when we have had no choice but to teach online, it is necessary to embrace these and other emerging educational methodologies which can help students engage, learn and even thrive in a world that will never be the same. This symposium will bring together faculty perspectives from their years (including 2020 and earlier) of virtual teaching as well as hear from engineering education experts on how we can teach advanced science and engineering concepts virtually to broader subsets of students worldwide.
Abstracts Due 04/15/2021
Proceedings Plan Planned: None Selected

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Virtual Learning in Minecraft: Using a Game to Teach Materials Engineering
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