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About this Symposium
Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Pyrometallurgy: Developing Low Carbon Pathways
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Organizer(s) Camille Fleuriault, Eramet Norway
Joalet Dalene Steenkamp, XPS Glencore
Dean Gregurek, RHI Magnesita
Jesse F. White, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Quinn G. Reynolds, Mintek
Phillip J. Mackey, P.J. Mackey Technology, Inc.
Lina Aletta Carolina Hockaday, Curtin University, WASM
Scope Carbon intensive industries are at a crossroads. Long term manufacturing plans using pyrometallurgical processes all include decarbonization levers: we must solve the problem of fossil-based reduction and fossil-based power generation processes for metals production.

This symposium will explore innovative and diverse strategies for the enablement of low carbon industries in the high temperature metals and materials processing fields.

In particular, the following processes shall be investigated:
- Electrolysis and electrification of metallurgical processes
- High temperature electrolytic routes for metal and alloy production
- Use of hydrogen and other alternative non carbonaceous reducing agents
- Biofuels and other non-fossil reagents for metallurgical applications
- Direct and in-direct use of solar energy in high temperature processing
- Energy efficiency and waste heat recovery concepts applied to pyrometallurgical operations

This symposium will also include a problem driven session illustrating the pathways taken in industry to reduce carbon dependency. Such session will feature invited speakers and include a panel discussion.

Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Desktop Study on the Potential use of South African Slags as Thermal Storage Medium
A Pilot Trial Investigation of Using Hydrochar Derived from Biomass Residues for EAF Process
Alternatives of Copper (I) Oxide Reduction in a Copper Slag Cleaning Furnace
Application and Results of MPOT Diluted Combustion in Aluminum Furnaces and the Complete Carbon Free Future Technology
Biocarbon Materials in Metallurgical Processes – Investigation of Critical Properties
Characterizing Bio-carbon for Metallurgical Processes Using Micro X-ray Computed Tomography with High Temperature Experiments
CO2 Free FeMn/Mn Production through Molten Oxide Electrolysis
Decarbonisation of High-temperature Processes in the Australian Context
Development of Fossil Free Technologies for the Metallurgical Industry – Swerim Pilot and Industrial Experiences
Effect of Ore Pre-heating on Furnace Operation in High Carbon Ferromanganese Production - Lessons Learnt from Pilot-scale Testwork
Electrification to Decrease the Carbon Footprint of Iron and Steelmaking
Experimental Analysis of Zinc Melting Using CSP
Ferroalloy Production without Use of Fossil Carbon - Some Alternatives
Ferronickel Production from Nickel Laterite via Sulfide Chemistry
Hydrogen-based Direct Reduction of Iron Oxides
Hydrogen Plasma Reduction of Iron Oxides
Hydrogen Plasma Reduction of Metal Oxides
Hydrogen, a Promising Carbon Substitute in Metallurgy?
Investigation of High-H2 Reducing Gas Delivery through Shaft-level Tuyeres with Computational Fluid Dynamics
Linde’s Industrial Gas Technology in Nonferrous Processing: Combining CFD with Partial Experimental Verification & Validation
Roadmap for Reduction of Fossil CO2 Emissions in Eramet Mn Alloys
Sulphuric Acid Plants in Metallurgical Facilities: Options for Energy Optimization
The HYBRIT Demonstration of a Fossil-free Iron- and Steelmaking Value Chain
The Path to Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Silicon Production
The Pathway to CO2-Reduction in the Refractory Industry
The Use of Concentrating Solar Energy for Thermal Decomposition in Oxide and Carbonate Minerals
Towards Bio-Carbon Substitutes in the Manufacture of Electrodes and Refractories for the Metallurgical Industries: A Science and Technology Review
Towards Net Zero PyroMetallurgical Processing with the ISASMELT™ and ISACYCLE™
Use of H2 in Mn-ferroalloy Production

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