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Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advancements in Steel Structural Refinement
Presentation Title New Modelling Tools for Nb Microalloyed Plate Rolling Design
Author(s) Beatriz Pereda, Jose Rodriguez-Ibabe, Marcelo Rebellato, Pello Uranga
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Pello Uranga
Abstract Scope Computer models for microstructural evolution simulations have been extensively studied and implemented from laboratory facilities to steel industry. The development of new steel grades are an effective driving force for a continuous improvement of models available in the market. In the case of plate production for structural, naval or energy applications where toughness properties are demanding, the use of niobium as microalloying element is of general use for different alloy design concepts. Nb microalloying improves not just the average grain size but also the homogeneity of grain size distributions. Both factors are key to control toughness related properties such as Charpy or drop-weight performance. In this context, Steel-MS Plate Mill software, also known as MicroSimPM, is a model developed using worldwide industrial and academic experience. The model provides the possibility to predict austenite grain size distribution evolution as well as the through-thickness microstructural gradient predictions for plate rolling conditions
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: At-meeting proceedings


Maximizing Strengthening Mechanisms in Continuously-annealed HSLA Steel
Microalloyed Steel Precipitate Characterization by Automated TEM Image and EDS Analysis
New Modelling Tools for Nb Microalloyed Plate Rolling Design
The Capability of Severe Plastic Deformation to Achieve High Strength and Toughness in Two High Strength Steel Alloys, Austenitic FeMnAl and Martensitic AF9628

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