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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Real Time Imaging
Presentation Title High Temperature In Situ Imaging and Strain Measurement during Synthesis of Monolithic Zirconium Hydride Components
Author(s) Thomas J. Nizolek, Caitlin A. Taylor, Erik P. Luther, Aditya P. Shivprasad, Tarik A. Saleh
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Thomas J. Nizolek
Abstract Scope Zirconium hydride (ZrH2) is a high-temperature neutron moderator that has been considered for use in several modular/microreactor design concepts. Synthesis of monolithic ZrH2 can be conducted by exposing Zr metal components to pure hydrogen at temperatures ranging from 500 to 900 degrees Celsius, yet the production of crack-free hydride components is challenging due to the large volume changes (10-20%) associated with phase transformations between alpha/beta Zr and either delta- or epsilon-phase zirconium hydride. While thermodynamic and kinetic data can guide time-temperature synthesis pathways, significant uncertainty exists in the kinetics of diffusion and phase transformations. Here we use an in-situ optical imaging system to measure strains associated with high temperature phase transformations, allowing the rate and extent of hydriding to be determined. In situ imaging also provide information regarding crack formation and sample integrity, and has enabled the development of processing routes to produce high stoichiometry, crack-free, ZrH2 components.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Nuclear Materials, Phase Transformations,


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