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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Metallic Materials
Presentation Title Refractory Metals – Some Historical Observations
Author(s) Jeffrey Wadsworth
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jeffrey Wadsworth
Abstract Scope In 1980 exciting programs underway in refractory metals required new metallurgical insights. The Trident Missile was an exemplar; the Post Boost Control System operated for a few minutes at a temperature of 1650oC and used Mo, Ta, Nb (Cb), and W alloys and high temperature coatings. I will describe some of the issues that arose in that mission, including the room temperature fracture of Mo fasteners upon refurbishment. This led to a study on the role of oxygen in embrittlement of Mo alloys. The advent of techniques such as in-situ Auger Spectroscopy fracture were key in understanding the true origins of failure, but so were fundamental thermodynamics. I will also touch upon decisions that had been made regarding Nb alloys. The political role of key decision makers in influencing technical options will be described. The relevance to Additive Manufacturing of refractory metals and alloys will be emphasized.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Additive Manufacturing, High-Temperature Materials, Joining


Additive Manufacture of Refractory Metals for Aerospace Applications
Additive Manufacturing of Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Case Studies on Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Materials
Design and Development of 3D Printable Nb-based Alloys for High Temperature Applications
Effect of Minor Titanium and Aluminum Addition on Ductility of Refractory High Entropy Alloy
Electron Beam Melting Additive Manufacturing of Pure Molybdenum
Enhancement of the Thermal Conductivity of Inconel 718 with the Addition of Tungsten
Fabrication of Pure Tungsten Using Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
Laser Assisted Cold Spray Deposition for Niobium and Tantalum Materials
Laser Beam Directed Energy Deposition Process Optimization for Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Laser Powder-bed-fusion of Pure Tungsten for Fusion Energy Applications
LPBF Printing of Nb for the Production of 3D Resonance Cavities
Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of Additively Manufactured C103 Niobium Alloy
Refractory Development Framework Using Computational Modeling
Refractory Metals – Some Historical Observations
Study of Melt-pool Geometry and Microstructure in Pure W by Powder-feed Directed Energy Deposition
Thermal-chemical-fluid Flow of Dissimilar Species Mixing between Titanium and Refractory Metals
Union of Mo and Cr Alloys into a Single Multi-materials Part Using Laser-powder Directed Energy Deposition

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