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Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Additive Manufacturing: ICME Gap Analysis
Presentation Title The Future of Additive Manufacturing, a Vision for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Author(s) Andrew A. Shapiro, R. Peter Dillon, Bryan McEnerney
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Andrew A. Shapiro
Abstract Scope Additive manufacturing at NASA’s JPL is part of a larger, rapidly moving evolution of advanced manufacturing, materials, modeling and design. There are many areas in NASA where additive manufacturing can provide substantial benefits. These include integration of multiple spacecraft functions, fabrication of complex shapes, and integration of multiple parts for a single function. Ultimately, advanced manufacturing will enable a complete change in the way we design spacecraft including the integration of multiple functions, real-time multiphysics functional analysis for design trades, topology optimization, 3-D lattices, and built-in test methodologies. These will be facilitated by models at all scales, informed by in-situ data collection. There remain a number of challenges in achieving this vision. Several potential solutions to the challenges could be implemented in the near future.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


CALPHAD-based ICME Design for Additive Manufacturing: Successes and Challenges
Challenges in Integration and Validation of a Coupled FEM and Phase Field Approach for Modeling Additive Manufacturing
Challenges in Modeling Microstructure Evolution During Additive Manufacturing Based on Phase-field Method
Challenges to Predict the Microstructure and Properties of metallic AM components
Efficient Mechanistic Modeling of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Processes
ICME and Additive Manufacturing Research in NSF’s Advanced Manufacturing Program
Making Metal Additive Manufacturing Practical – What’s Missing?
Overview of DOE-BES Research and Strategic Planning
The Future of Additive Manufacturing, a Vision for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Utilization of Non-metallic Inclusion and Optimization of Alloy Compositions for AM Process

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