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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Ultrafine-grained and Heterostructured Materials (UFGH XII)
Presentation Title Unravelling the strengthening effects of microstructural heterogeneities
Author(s) Ting Zhu, Yin Zhang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Ting Zhu
Abstract Scope Recent studies of gradient nanotwinned copper, 3D-printed multi-component alloys, metallic nanocomposites, and several other heterogeneous materials raise a fundamental question on the role of microstructural heterogeneities, both topographic and chemical, in controlling the mechanical behavior of these novel material systems. Here we combine the mechanics modeling and experimental characterization to unravel the extra-strengthening effects of microstructural gradients and resultant plastic strain gradients and back stresses, as opposed to their homogeneous counterparts. Quantitative comparison is made between modeling and experimental results, highlighting the less appreciated notions of different types of back-stress hardening or different stages of extra-hardening that can operate in the same material system with complex microstructural heterogeneities. New insights are obtained for promoting the strength-ductility synergy in the design of high-performance heterogeneous materials.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


2022 Institute of Metals Lecture/Robert Franklin Mehl Award: Schwarz Crystal Structures in Extremely Fine-grained Metals
A perspective on microstructural and phase evolution in alloys during extended plastic deformation
Achieving large super-elasticity through changing relative easiness of deformation modes in Ti-Nb-Mo alloy by ultra-grain refinement
Amorphous Ceramic and Metallic Composites: microstructure and mechanical properties
Breaking the strength-toughness barrier through impact-induced recrystallization of single-crystal silver microcubes
Bulk nanostructured metallic materials with superior multifunctional properties
Comparing the Thermal, Mechanical, and Radiation Stability of Nanocrystalline Platinum-Gold
Control of layer instabilities during ARB processing of iron-based FCC/BCC metallic laminates
Copper and brass laminate and lamella materials: probing the fundamental deformation mechanisms of heterostructured materials
Damage tolerant Al/Al-LMCs - In-situ characterization of prevalent toughening mechanisms using a large-chamber SEM
Defect and substructure evolution in nanocrystalline Cu/Ni composites under continuous shear deformation and thermal annealing
Deformation Band-Induced Microstructural Evolution during High Pressure Torsion of a Magnesium-Yttrium Alloy
Deformation Mechanism of Magnesium Alloy with Heterogeneous Ultrafine Structures Composed of Soft and Hard Domains
Deformation mechanism of ultrafine-grained FeCrAl alloy – an in situ micropillar compression strain rate jump study
Deformation mechanisms of laser rapid solidified Al–Si heterostructures
Designed heterostructures in AZ31 using linear corrugated straightening
Designing Heterogeneous Nanostructures in High Entropy Alloys by Thermomechanical Processing
Designing solid solution hardening to retain uniform ductility while quadrupling yield strength
Dual-gradient structure leads to optimized combination of strength-ductility synergy and high fracture resistance suppressing catastrophic failure
Dynamic heterostructuring and strengthening of multi-phase medium entropy alloys
Effect of grain refinement on plastic deformation and fracture in a Si-added high-Mn austenitic steel
Effect of grain size on the tensile properties and strain localization behavior of 304 stainless steel
Effect of nanostructuring in additive-manufactured 316L stainless steel on structural relaxation examined by in-situ heating neutron diffraction analysis
Effect of processing temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties changes of high-pressure torsion processed Al7075 alloy
Effect of Severe Plastic Deformation Processes on the Microstructure, Texture and Mechanical Property of Nb-1Zr Alloy
Energy Absorption Performance of Functionally Graded High Strength Steel
Enhanced corrosion resistance of 316LN stainless steel fabricated by rotationally accelerated shot peening
Enhancing Mechanical Performance of commercial Al Alloy by tailoring their microstructural heterogeneity
Evolution of microstresses during elasto-plastic transition under in situ tensile loading of harmonic structure materials by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
Grain size and grain boundary misorientation distribution effects on thermal stability of nanocrystalline materials
Helium in metal composites
Hetero-deformation induced (HDI) stress in heterostructured materials: What we know and need to know
Heterostructured V-Ti-Ni Alloy Containing Superelastic Nano-precipitates
High-strength gradient-microstructure steels by additive manufacturing
High Load Sliding, Deformation Microstructures, Strength, and Hardening for Gradient Bulk Nanostructures
Implications of Fatigue-Crack Healing in Nanocrystalline Metals
In-situ X-ray diffraction study on tensile deformation of TRIP-assisted metastable austenitic Fe-Ni-C steel
In situ transmission electron microscopy to investigate the effect of grain size and grain boundary on the early stage of plastic deformation behavior in an ultrafine-grained high manganese austenitic steel
Influence of High-pressure Torsion-induced Strain on Electrical Conductivity and Wear Resistance
Influence of Strain Gradients in Heterostructured Nanomaterials
Introducing gradient structure to a CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy for superior mechanical properties
Investigating the origin of unstable plastic flow in an ultrafine-grained Fe-22Mn-0.6C TWIP steel
Investigation of microstructural inhomogeneity and mechanical characteristics of severely deformed copper sheet
ltra-high strength and ductility of a multiple component alloy with a heterogeneous microstructure of grains and precipitates
Mechanical behavior of heterostructured Fe films with precisely defined bimodal architectures
Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of Cu-Al alloys with gradient structure
Micro-macro synergy effects in Harmonic Structure steels design
Microstructural evolution and tensile properties of nano-crystalline twinning induced plasticity steel produced by high-pressure torsion
Microstructure control in metal composites processed by equal channel angular extrusion
Microstructure evolution in additively manufactured and high-pressure torsion processed high-entropy alloys during heating as characterized by neutron diffraction
Microstructure evolution kinetics and strengthening mechanisms of the partially recrystallized high entropy alloys
Microstructure, texture and mechanical properties of cp-Ti processed by rotational constrained bending
New strategies for the control, study, and scale-up of surface nanocrystallization
Non-Equilibrium Evolution of Metastable Grain Boundaries in Nanocrystals at Extreme Conditions
On the Role of Gradients on Strengthening, Ductility, and Size Effects
On the underlying mechanisms in binary Ni-based nanocrystalline alloys
Origin of extra strengthening in gradient nanotwinned metals
Predicting the transformation strain that controls ductility and toughness in advanced steels
Resisting shear localization in low stacking fault energy alloys
Secondary phase precipitation in ultrafine-grained Superduplex stainless steels
Severely deformed stainless steel reveals an anomaly in thermal expansion behavior
Significance of grain refinement on micro-mechanical properties and structures of additive-manufactured CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy
Solid-State Additive Manufacturing of Ultrafine-Grained Alloys via Additive Friction Stir Deposition
Strain hardening and ductility by grain refinement-induced plasticity in multi-level hetero-structured brass
Strength softening mitigation in bimodal nanostructured metals
Strengthening and improving fracture toughness of tungsten-copper nanocomposites
Strengthening mechanisms in dilute ultrafine-grained Ag alloys processed by top-down and bottom-up approaches
Structural characterization and thermal evolution of severe plastic deformation processed materials, by advanced synchrotron and neutron methods
Structural evolution during nanostructuring of additive-manufactured 316L stainless steel by high-pressure torsion
Superplastic response of accumulatively roll-bonded aluminum sheets
Synergistic Thermal and Radiation Stability in Grain Boundary Doped Nanocrystalline Tungsten
The impact of hydrogen on the deformation behavior of nanostructured iron and nickel
The role of the heterogenous structure on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloys
The role of the interface in ARB processed laminated metallic composites (LMCs) with different architectures
Ultra-strong low carbon nano-steel produced by heterostructure and interstitial mediated warm rolling
Ultrafine δ-ferrite and transformation-induced plasticity in laser melting deposition processed 304L austenitic stainless steel
Ultrahigh-strength and ductile high-entropy alloys with coherent nano-lamellar architectures
Unravelling the strengthening effects of microstructural heterogeneities

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