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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Ceramics in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Presentation Title Thermophysical Properties of Sintered Yttrium Dihydride
Author(s) Aditya P. Shivprasad, Vedant K Mehta, Joshua T. White, Michael W.D. Cooper, Tarik A. Saleh, Joseph R. Wermer, Erik P. Luther, Holly R. Trellue, D.V. Rao
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Aditya P. Shivprasad
Abstract Scope One current challenge to the nuclear industry is the ability to integrate nuclear energy with microgrids. Owing to their size, cost, and power output, microreactors could be designed to meet these needs. One such proposed microreactor design uses metal hydrides as the moderator due to their high hydrogen density, allowing enhanced fuel utilization and cost-effectiveness while keeping the core transportable. Yttrium dihydride is a promising candidate for this application due to its high thermal stability. Despite these advantages, it is difficult to produce YH2-x in geometries required for reactor design concepts. In this study, yttrium dihydride pellets were fabricated using powder metallurgical methods. Pellets were then analyzed for thermal diffusivity and heat capacity to determine thermal conductivity. Results will relate the thermophysical properties of the sintered pellets with those of hydrided monoliths in literature.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: At-meeting proceedings


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