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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium REWAS 2022: Decarbonizing the Materials Industry
Presentation Title Supercritical Carbonation of Steelmaking Slag for the CO2 Sequestration
Author(s) Jihye Kim, Gisele Azimi
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jihye Kim
Abstract Scope Mineral carbonation of industrial byproducts is a promising carbon capture and storage technique to abate global warming. Steelmaking slag is the main byproduct of the steelmaking industry and it is a potential source of alkaline oxides, which can be transformed into carbonates. The carbonation of this steelmaking slag has proven to be a great countermeasure to sequester significant amounts of CO2 emitted from the steelmaking process at the point sources. In this study, a supercritical carbonation process is developed to sequester CO2 using steelmaking slag. A response surface methodology is utilized to assess the effect of operating parameters on carbonation efficiency and to optimize the process. Under the optimum conditions, the maximum CO2 uptake of 213 gCO2/kgSlag is achieved. Fundamental investigations are performed to elucidate the carbonation mechanisms with emphasis on the diffusion barrier, rate-determining step, and reaction pathway.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


Biomass as a CO2-neutral Carbon Substitute for Reduction Processes in Metallurgy
Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities in the Manganese Alloys Industry
CO2 as Raw Material for Chemical and Fuel Productions through Electrocatalysis
Effect of Moisture and High Temperature to Separation Properties of Mixed Matrix Membranes
Field Demonstration of the Reversa Mineral Carbonation Process Using Coal and Natural Gas Flue Gas Streams
HIsarna: A Technology to Meet Both the Climate and Circularity Challenges for the Iron and Steel Industry
Iron-ore Reduction Using Green Hydrogen: A Study for Recycling Wastes in Egyptian Steel Industry
Pilot Scale Test of Flue Gas Recirculation for the Silicon Process
PreMa-project Development of New Technologies to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Mn-alloy Production
Pyrometallurgy-based Research Conducted at Mintek towards Decarbonizing the Metals Industry
Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Based Technology for Carbon-free Efficient Production of Solar-grade Silicon
Supercritical Carbonation of Steelmaking Slag for the CO2 Sequestration
Tecno-economic Pre-feasibility Study of a Hydrogen Plasma Based Ferromanganese Plant
The Carbon Age: Reimaging the Lifecycle of Fuels and Materials
Towards Green Ferroalloys: Replacement of Fossil Reductants in the Pre-reduction Process of Chromite by Bio-based Alternatives

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