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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Aluminum Waste Management and Utilization
Presentation Title Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) SPL Sustainable Solution from Landfill to Valuable Feedstock “HiCal30”
Author(s) Nabeel Aljallabi, Khalid Ahmed Shareef , Bernie Cooper, Mohsen Qaidi Ghulam, Fuad A. Hussain Alasfor, Vijay Rajendran
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Nabeel Aljallabi
Abstract Scope Spent pot lining (SPL) is one of the largest solid waste generated from the primary aluminium production process. Around 23kg of SPL is generated per ton of aluminum. ALBA, the largest aluminum smelter in the world outside China, produces 1.56 MT of aluminum (2021), where SPL generated becoming very significant. SPL classified as hazardous material contaminated with cyanide and fluorides. The traditional way of handling SPL is either stockpile around smelters facility or landfilling, which is not sustainable solution. ALBA has taken the initiative to construct its own one of kind SPL treatment plant through partnership with Regain Technologies to process, detoxify, and convert SPL into useful feedstock into cement industry. This paper discusses the journey of Alba toward sustainable solution of converting SPL into valuable product called HiCal30. Moreover, this paper focuses on the process flow, detoxification heat treatment process, the final product specification and usages
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals
Keywords Other,


Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) SPL Sustainable Solution from Landfill to Valuable Feedstock “HiCal30”
Aluminum Recycling and Recovery of Other Components from Waste Tetra Pak Aseptic Packages
Current Status and Proposed Economic Incentives for Higher Utilization of Bauxite Residue to Enhance Sustainability of the Aluminum Industry
Recovery of Value Added Products from Bauxite Residue
Valorization of Treated Spent Potlining in Cement Industry

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