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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 2023 Light Metals Keynote Session
Presentation Title Hydro Aluminium - Smelter Improvements Through Modelling and Digitalization
Author(s) Nancy J. Holt
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Nancy J. Holt
Abstract Scope The aluminium industry is continuously striving to produce its product as sustainable and with as much profit as possible. Sustainability and profitability are the two main pillars of Hydro Aluminium. Today Hydro seeks to realize this through focus on renewable energy, low-carbon aluminium production and increased recycling. In this keynote the focus is on the primary aluminium production and how the smelters have benefitted from modelling and digitalization and the developments of these tools. Developments have been amazing the last decades. Several factors are key to the success. A few examples will take us through some achievements and point at possibilities going forward. And further; there is need to emphasise that this may not happen unless strategic anchoring and clear management leadership is in place together with an organizational structure.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: None Selected


Data Analytics for Advanced Process Monitoring and Control in Primary Aluminum Smelting
Data Driven Methods to Increase Aluminum Recycling
Hydro Aluminium - Smelter Improvements Through Modelling and Digitalization
Importance of Transparent Data and Standardised Data Analysis for Decarbonisation of the Aluminium Sector
Improving Safety and Performance of DC Casting Lines by Applying Digital Twins, Process Models and Vision Systems
Issues in Macroscopic Modeling of Aluminum Direct Chill Casting
Microstructure Simulation as a Basis for Material Property and Casting Defect Predictions
Numerical Modeling Tools for the Assessment of High-Amperage DC Busbars

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