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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Composite Materials for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Applications
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Keywords Environmental Effects, Sustainability, Other


Additive Manufacturing with Wood-based Composites for Building Construction Applications
Biodegrability of Bioplastic Films with Manihot Esculenta Starch in Natural Environment
Characterization of PLA Bio-nanocomposites with Bacterial Cellulose Derived from Banana Peels
D-10: The Response of Epoxy Hybrid Composites with Aramid Fabric and Curaua Non-Woven Fabric to Dynamic Compression at High Strain Rate
D-14: The Response of Epoxy Hybrid Composites with Aramid Fabric and Curaua Non-Woven Fabric to Ballistic Impact by 9mm FMJ Luger Projectile
D-15: Thermal Aging Evaluation of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Fique Fabric Using Thermogravimetric Analyses
D-16: Utilizing Spent Espresso Grounds for Composite Filaments with Improved Thermal Properties
D-9: Effect of Thermal Conductivity on the Mechanical Behavior of Marginal Construction Waste as a Structural Material for Recycled Pavements
Designing Novel MicroNano Concrete as Subsurface Hydraulic Barrier Materials Using Shale Rocks as Templates
NOW ON-DEMAND ONLY - 4D Printable Terpene/Terpenoid Photopolymers For Upcycling Commodity Polystyrene Towards A Circular Economy
Recycling Diesel Combustion Byproducts as Anode Electrode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries
The Formation of Schwertmannite and Its Influence on Mine Environment
Understanding Photocarrier and Gas Dynamics to Rationally Design Heterostructured Nanocatalysts for Solar CO2 Conversion

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