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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Frontiers of Materials Award Symposium: Intermetallic Alloys at the Edge of Complexity: Structural and Kinetic Aspects
Presentation Title Intermetallic Compounds from Metallic-glass Precursors
Author(s) A. Lindsay Greer
On-Site Speaker (Planned) A. Lindsay Greer
Abstract Scope Devitrification of metallic glasses (MGs) upon heating has seen much study over half a century. Intermetallic compounds (IMCs), including quasicrystals, are among the phases that form. Quasicrystals are of particular interest as their icosahedral ordering is also prominent in at least some metallic liquids and glasses. The kinetics of growth of IMCs in MGs is complex, and includes unusual combinations such as interface-limited rates with strong solute partitioning. Only with modern analytical techniques are such combinations being understood in terms of the very different diffusivities of different atomic species. Materials that are formed by devitrification can have attractive properties, and recent work shows that these composites can show good plasticity despite containing phases that are profoundly brittle, challenging our current understanding. Finally, we note that bulk MGs, with very narrow compositional ranges for their formation, might themselves be regarded as a type of IMC!
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: None Selected


Capturing the Growth of Quasicrystals Near- and Far-from-Equilibrium
Complex Intermetallic Compounds: Original Surface Structures for Unusual Surface Properties
Direct Evaluation of Quasicrystal Bulk and Surface Energies in Density Functional Theory
In-Situ Growth of PtSn4, a Complex Layered Intermetallic
Influence of Icosahedral Short-range Order in the Liquid on Solidification Morphologies
Intermetallic Compounds from Metallic-glass Precursors
Simulating Complex Crystal Structures and Their Assembly in Hard and Soft Condensed Materials

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