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About this Symposium
Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Microelectronic Packaging, Emerging Interconnection Technology and Pb-free Solder
Sponsorship TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS: Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Christopher M. Gourlay, Imperial College London
Kazuhiro Nogita, University of Queensland
David P. Yan, San Jose State University
Mike Wolverton
Babak Arfaei, Ford Motor Company
Andre M. Delhaise
Mehran Maalekian, Mat-Tech
Mohd Arif Salleh, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Scope Continuing advances in microelectronic, optoelectronic and nanoelectronic devices require new materials and technologies to meet the increasing electrical, thermal, mechanical, reliability, performance and environmental demands placed on interconnects and packaging at all levels. This symposium will address current research in Packaging Materials and Processes, including Pb free solders, alternative interconnects, conductive adhesive, epoxy, substrates, 3D packaging, wafer level packaging, quality, reliability, and failure analysis.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Packaging materials and Processes for next generation packages, e.g., 3D packaging, wafer level packaging, photonic packaging, Internet of Things (IoT), flexible electronics, wire bonding, automotive and power electronics.
* Interconnects for packages, e.g., Pb-free solder, micro bumps, Through-silicon-vias (TSVs), direct Cu to Cu bonding, wire bonding, conductive adhesive, optoelectronic interconnects, transient liquid phase bonding, sintered nano-powder joints, and alternative interconnect materials at chip and package levels.
*Additive manufacturing and 3D printing for electronics industry
* Other packaging materials e.g., epoxy, molding compounds, epoxy flux, thermal interface material (TIM), substrate materials and process.
* Quality, Reliability, and failure analysis for next generation packages.
* Continuing challenges in implementing Pb-free solders for interconnect, plating and thermal interface material (TIM) applications
* Developments in next-generation Pb-free solders for improved reliability
* Developments in high temperature Pb-free solders and associated interconnects for automotive and power electronics
* Developments in low temperature Pb-free solder alloys and fine pitch solder joints
* Electromigration, thermomigration, stress-migration and mechanical effects
* Whisker growth in Sn, Sn-based alloys and other metallic systems
* Advanced characterization methods as applied to interconnect technology
* Fundamental materials behavior including phase transformations, computational thermodynamics, solidification, microstructure evolution, corrosion, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of solders and intermetallic compounds

Abstracts Due 07/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

A Comprehensive Approach on Understanding Electromigration Failure Kinetics with Varying UBM Thickness and Joint Geometry in WCSP Solder Interconnects
A Model Study of Bi Diffusion and Intermetallic Growth in Sn-Bi Low Temperature Soldering Systems
A Preliminary Study of the Dissolution of Bi in β-Sn using In Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy
Achieving Collapse-free Joint in 3D-package by Hybrid Solder Alloy with Reducing Thermal Budget Usage
Bonding and High-temperature Storage Performance of Die Attachment with Ag Paste Sintering on Bare Direct Bonding Aluminum (DBA) Substrate
Chlorination and Power Cycling Characteristics of Fine Au/Pd Coated Copper Wire
Comparison of Corrosion Resistance between Electroless and Electroplating Ni/Pd/Au Surface Finish on PCB
Compression Creep Behavior of Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi Pb-Free Solder Alloy
D-1 (Invited): Effects of Materials and Package Design on Warpage Control of Semiconductor Devices
D-2: A Novel Class of Multiscale Nanomaterials-based Thermal Interface Materials for High Temperatures, High Power Density Electronics
Determination of β-tin Slip Properties using Micro-pillar Tests and Crystal Plasticity Modelling
Development of Low Temperature Sn-Bi based Solder Alloys
Die-bonding Performance and Mechanism of Ag Micron Paste with Pressure-less Sintering
Different Electroplating Temperature Affecting on Mechanical Strength of Highly (111) Preferred Orientated Nanotwinned Copper (TMS 2020)
Effect of a Metallic Cap Layer on the Magnitude, Statistical Variation and Mechanism of Through-Silicon Via Extrusion
Effect of Bi and Zn Addition to the Properties of Sn-0.7Cu and Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni Solder Coating
Effect of Sn3.0 Ag 0.5Cu and Sn58Bi Solder Alloys on Through Silicon Via under Thermal Conditions
Effect of Solder Joint Geometry on Electromigration Failure Mechanism in Micro Solder Joint
Effects of Bismuth, Antimony, and Indium Alloying Elements on Microstructure of High Reliability Pb-Free Solders Alloys
Effects of Secondary Reflow on Solder Joint Microstructure and Lifetime
Electromigration in 2μm Nano-twinned Cu Redistribution Lines
Fatigue and Creep Properties of Sintered Ag Paste from Room Temperature to High Temperature
Formation of Cu-Cu Direct Bonding by Green Synthesized Approaches
Influence of Indium Addition on Microstructural Properties of Sn-rich Solder Joints
Influence of Substrates and Microalloying Additions on the Primary Intermetallic Growth of Lead-free Solder Joints
Intermetallic Compound Analyses Provide Interfacial Reliability for Solder Connections in Electronics
Investigation to Micro Friction Stir Spot Welding Al and Cu Sheets to Foils for Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Cells Assembly
Low Temperature Cu-Cu Bonding by Copper-based Paste with Small Amount Sn Additive
Low Temperature Polyimide-to-polyimide Direct Bonding with Low Curing Temperature Polyimide Films
Mechanical Reliability of Cu-filled Through Si via under Annealing and Thermal Cyclic Loading Conditions
Mechanisms of Electromigration in Bicrystal Sn Solder Joint by Correlative X-ray Tomography and Microscopy
Micro-mechanical Testing of Grain Boundary Sliding in a Tin Alloy
Micro Interconnect Mechanical Stability in Cryogenic Temperature Environments
Micropillar Compression Test of Tin-solder Microstructural Units to Reveal Slip Activity
Microstructure Evolution and Interfacial Growth of Intermetallic Compound for Cu/In/Cu Structure under Thermomigration
Modeling and Simulation of Pore Electromigration in Tin Solders
Modification of Traditional Pb-free Solders with Bi, Sb and In for Improved Reliability
Molecular Dynamics Study of the Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Evolution of Crystal Defects
On the Adhesion of a Sintered Ag Joint on a Cu Substrate using Laser Shocks Influence of Aging
Potential for Improving Sn-Cu Alloys as High-temperature Solders by the Suppression of Cu3Sn Phase
Pressureless Silver Sintering of SiC MOSFET Power Module for Vehicle
Recrystallized Shallow Grains as the Whisker Growth Sites in Large-grain Sn-alloy Films
Reducing Interfacial Voids in Cu/In/Cu Microbump with In-Sn-Cu Solder Alloy
Reliability Behavior of Surface Mount Devices Assembled with Bismuth Bearing Low-melt Solder Pastes
Role of Grain Boundaries in Electromigration and Thermomigration Related Failure : A Phase Field Simulation Study
Si and Ag Particles Sintering Technology For Die Attach
Study on the UBM Thickness and Current Flow Configuration Effects on Electromigration Failure Mechanism in Solder Interconnects
Synchrotron X-ray Study of Sn Electromigration, Sn Whisker Growth, and Residual Strain Evolution in A Blech Structure
The Growth and Coarsening Kinetics of Ag3Sn in SAC305 Solders
The Relation Between the Microstructure and Properties of SnAgCu/SnBiAg Mixed Assemblies, and Thermal History
Thermal Management through Networks of Highly Purified Boron Nitride Nanotubes
Tin Whisker Growth on Pb-Free, Bi-containing Solder Alloys after Ambient Temperature, High Humidity Storage
Using Applied Pressure to Make Tin Whiskers Grow: Measurements and Analysis

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