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About this Symposium
Meeting 11th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams (MetFoam 2019)
Symposium MetFoam 2019
Organizer(s) Nihad Dukhan, University of Detroit Mercy
Scope The purpose of MetFoam conference series is to provide a state-of-the-art review on lightweight porous metals and metallic foams and a forum for discussions and networking opportunities for scientists working in this field. Topics planned for MetFoam 2019 include:

- Fabrication by conventional and novel methods including additive manufacturing
- Characterization
- Properties of compressed and un-compressed foam
- Design of porous metals, metallic foams, and lattice structures
- Fluid, heat, and mass transfer
- Porous biomaterials
- Nanoporous metals
- Industrial applications of porous metals and metallic foams

A metal foam is a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal with pores making up a large portion of the volume. A defining characteristic of metal foams is their high porosity typically 75 to 95%, making these materials ultralight with applications including energy (e.g., catalysis, fuel cells), biomaterials (e.g., bone implants), and transportation (e.g., sound dampening, energy absorption).
Abstracts Due 01/04/2019
Proceedings Plan Planned: Post-meeting proceedings

3D Characterization of an Open-cell Aluminum Foam under Compression Test with Combined In-situ High-energy X-ray Computed Tomography and Diffraction Microscopy
A Novel Bioreactor System with a Shellular Scaffold
A Novel Integrated Preparation Method and Its Process Optimization of the In-situ Ordered Porous Aluminum Filled Tubes
A Novel Method to Produce Foams from Metallic Melts: Melt Injecting Technique
A Novel Micro-architected Material, Shellular in a Minimal Surface
A Very Thin Sandwich Panel Reinforced with Diamond-like-carbon
Additive Manufacturing of Porous Metallic Structures with Designed Mesostructure
Additively Manufactured Metallic Core for Sandwich Structures
An Auxetic Sandwich Panel for Mobile Devices
Analysis of Bubble Accumulation Mechanisms and Cell Structure Evolution in Aluminum Foam with Sub-mm Sized Cells
Barium Transport Mechanisms in Porous Scandate Cathodes
Biological Response to Magnesium-based Foams Modified by Directed Plasma Nanosynthesis
Bonding Properties of Lotus-type Porous Cu/Sn-Ag-Cu/Cu Joint
Cenosphere/Aluminum Matrix Syntactic Foam via Stir Casting: Characteriastion and Deformation Behaviors
Change in Compressive Properties of Lattice-structured Al-Si Alloy Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting under Various Heat Treatment Conditions
Characterization and of Metal-foam Flow Field for PEM Fuel Cells
Characterization and of Metal-foam Flow Field for PEM Fuel Cells
Characterizing Interstitial Heat Transfer in Metal Foam Enhanced Phase Change Materials
Compression behavior of low-pressure cast AMC syntactic foams with high porosity
Compression Behavior of Low-pressure Casted AMC Syntactic Foams with High Porosity
Compressive Behavior of Porous Aluminum with Aligned Unidirectional Pores with Various Relative Cell Wall Thicknesses
Controllable Continuous Porosity via Powder Bed Fusion
Cooling of PEM Fuel Cell Stacks Using Open-cell Metal Foam
Corrosion Studies of Open Cell Aluminum Foam in Simulated Marine Environments
Cylinder-pack Modeling of Open-cell Metal Foam for Flow and Heat Transfer
Decomposition of Ti and Zr Hydrides Studied by Neutron Diffraction
Deformation and Damage Mechanisms in Nano-architected Metamaterials with Spinodal Topologies
Deformation of Porous Structure during Bonding Porous Aluminum with an Al–Si-based Alloy Brazing Sheet
Design and Fabrication of a Bronze Syntactic Foam by Low Pressure Injection Molding
Design and Mechanical Performance of Metallic Sandwiches for Functional Lightweight Applications
Design of Energy Absorbing Materials for Space Crafts Based on Voronoi Diagrams
Designing Nanostructured Porous Surfaces to Enhance in Vitro Osseointegration
Development of Rotational Incremental Hammering Process for Porous Metals
Dynamic Phenomena in Liquid Metal Foams Studied by X-ray Tomoscopy
Dynamic Response of Corrugated Sandwich Panels Subjected to a Composite Foam Projectile Impact
Effect of Gravity during Solidification of Aqueous Particle Suspensions for Freeze-casting
Effect of Gravity on Drainage and Liquid Imbibition in Evolving Metal Foams
Effect of Interlamellar Spacing and Eutectoid Phase Content on the Mechanical Properties of TixAlyCo Foam
Effect of Process Parameters Manufacture on Aluminum Foams Acoustic Properties
Effect of Spent Air Removal Scheme on Jet Impingement Heat Transfer onto Thin and High Porosity Metal Foams
Effect of temperature on closed-cell aluminum foam deformation in solid-liquid-gas coexisting state
Effects of Pore Structure on the Cyclical Oxidation/Reduction of Iron Foams
Effects on the Process Condition on the Fabrication of Iron Oxide Porous Materials by Freezes Casting
Elastic Properties of Open Cell Aluminum Metallic Foam Transformed through Hydrostatic Loading
Electro-mechanical Response of Porous Metals at the Small Length-scales
Energy Absorption and Deformation Mechanisms of Porous Magnesium/Carbon Nanofiber Composites
Enhanced Osteoblast Adhesion and Differentiation by Porous Ti Scaffolds Designed Using Space Holder Technique
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Performance of PCM/Cooper foam Composite Heat Sink for Electronic Devices
Fabrication and Mechanical Testing of Micro-architectured Shape Memory Alloys
Fabrication and Properties of Protective Coatings on Pore Walls for Lotus-type Porous Copper
Fabrication of an Ultrahigh Pressure Vessel Based on Shellular
Fabrication of Fe-Ni Laminated Porous Material by Sequential Freezes Casting
Fabrication of Metallic Lattice Structures via a Decoupled Printing and Alloying Approach
Fabrication of Nano Shellular
Fabrication of Porous Layer on Fe Substrate through Laser-induced Combustion Synthesis
Fabrication of Shellulars with Various Minimal Surfaces Based on Beads Arranged in Regular Patterns
Finite Element Simulation of Compressive Behavior of Disordered Cellular Solids
Flow Laws and Heat Transfer in Metal Foams: State-of-the-art Correlations and Current Problems
Fluxless Soldering of Aluminium Foams
Foaming Behaviour and Evolution of Cell Structure of Aluminum Foam with Extrusion Forming Precursor on Condition of Restrictive Foaming
Foaming of Al-Mg-X (X = Cu, Zn, Si) Alloys Using Mg as blowing Agents – An Open-source Website for Freeze-cast Polymer, Ceramic and Metal Foams
Hierarchical Bulk Nanoporous Aluminum for On-board Hydrogen and Heat Generation by Hydrolysis in Pure Water
Hierarchically Structured Copper Nanofoam for Use as High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Anode
High-fidelity Numerical Simulation of Open-cell Aluminum Foams Using Crystal Plasticity Modeling
High-performance Micro/Nano-hybrid Porous Cobalt Oxide/Cobalt Anode for Use in Lithium-ion Batteries
Hybrid Aluminium: Composites, Foams, Sandwiches – 3 to the 5th Power Industry Overview
Impact Energy Absorption of Additively Manufactured Porous Aluminum Alloys with an Axisymmetric Acorn Shape
Implicit Modeling for Functionally Tailored Engineering Cellular Materials and Spatially Varying Structures
Improvement in Energy Absorption Capacity of Al-SiCp-CNT Hybrid Composite Foam by Addition of SiCp and CNT
In-situ Observation of Bubble Coalescence in Metallic Foams
Influence of Metal Foam Insert on Heat and Mass Transfers Within Methanol Steam Reformer
Influence of Sintering Temperature on Fabrication of Open-cell 6061Aluminum Alloy Foams
Influence of the Composition and Deposition Process on the Properties of Bioactive Coatings in Porous Titanium
Influence of Zinc on the Compaction and Foaming of AlSi8Mg4 Alloy
Innovating Architected Self-healing Materials as Adaptive Plasma-facing Components Designed for Extreme Plasma-burning Fusion Environments
Iron and Nickel Micro-scaffolds with Porous Struts Created via 3D-extrusion-printing and Reduction of Oxide-particle Inks
Liquid Metal Route Foaming of Mg Alloy and Mg Matrix Composite
Manufacturing and Characterization of Ti, Mg and Mg-Ti Samples for Biomedical Applications
Manufacturing Process and Characterization of Bioactive Gelatins Coated Porous Titanium
Mechanical and Biocorrosive Properties of Magnesium-aluminum Alloy Scaffold for Biomedical Applications
Mechanical Behavior of Shellular under Internal Pressure
Mechanical Properties of Periodic Interpenetrating Phase Composites Based on Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces
Mechanical Properties of Shellular with Minimal Surfaces
Metal Foam Applications: From Laboratory to Market
Metal Foam Research Direction: Simplicity Versus Accuracy
Metal Foams – From Research to Industrial Application
Metal Foams with Ceramic Inserts for Security Applications
Micro-architected TPMS Shell-based Lattices: Fabrication and Mechanical Testing
Microstructural Characterization of Porous Cu by Vapor Phase Dealloying
Microstructural Effects on Compressive Behavior and Deformation Band Propagation in Open-pore Metal Foams
Microstructure Characterization and Investigation on Energy Absorption Properties of LM 9 Foam by Optimization Techniques
Microstructure Design of Open-cell High Strength Steel Foams
Multifunctional Nano to Macro Metallic Lattice Materials and Structures
NéoLATTICE®, the regular metal foams manufacture with foundry process
Numerical Simulations and Experimental Studies on the Microstructure and Properties of Nickel-based Lattice Materials
Open-cell Aluminum Foam Core Sandwich with Density-graded Foam Core and Multi-metal Sandwich
Open Porous Metal Fiber Structures for the Next Generation of Sorption-driven Heat Pumps and Cooling Machines
Oxidation/Reduction Cycling of Freeze-cast Iron Foams
Performance of Composite Metal Foams against Various Threats, from Insect to Large Bullets
Pore Size Effect on Oil/Water Separation Efficiency of Hydrophobic Surface in Aluminum Foams
Porous Metals by Freeze Casting: Challenges and Opportunities
Preparation and Properties of Porous Titanium with a Hierarchical Structure Porous by Fibers and Powders
Preparation and Quasi-static Compression behavior of steel matrix syntactic foams
Preparation of Novel Copper-Black Surface in One Step
Processing and Electrical Properties of Ni Foams Synthesized via Freeze Casting
Production of Metal Foam with Sub-mm Bubbles Using a Rotating Gas Injector
Real-time USAXS and WAXS Studies of Morphology Evolution in 3D Nanoporous Gold during Electrochemical Dealloying and Post-dealloying Coarsening
Research of Mechanical Characterization for Hypercube Models Created by Direct Metal Laser Sintering Method
Reticulated Titanium Foams for Intraoperative Manipulation of Customized CMF Implants
Sensorization for the Modelling and Simulation of the Freeze-casting Technique
Shaping of Aluminum Foam by Press Forming during Precursor Foaming
Sonication for the Porosity Gradation of Foams Meets Replica Templating: A Hybrid Manufacturing Process for Lightweight Multifunctional Structures
Stabilization Mechanism of Cell Wall during Semi-solid Foaming of Al-Si Alloy
Structural Control of Fe-based Porous Layer Fabricated through Combustion Synthesis for Joining with Resin Parts
Structure and Permeability of Porous Structures Deposed by Shock Wave Induced Spraying
Studies of Bicontinuous Metallic Nano-structure by Dealloying with Synchrotron X-ray Methods
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Composite Metal Foam Core Sandwich Panels
Study on the Technology of Manufacturing Foam Magnesium Alloy by Negative Pressure Penetration Casting Method
Synthesis and Application of Porous NiO/Ni Anode for Use in Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries
Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Syntactic Foams
The Challenge of Open Cellular Metal Foam Production
The Deformation of Expanded Clay Syntactic Foams during Compression Characterized by Acoustic Emission
The Stabilization Mechanism of Semi-solid Foaming Method by Primary Crystals
The Study on the Usage of Foamed Magnesium and Its Alloy
Thermal Decomposition of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as a Route to Synthesize Nanoporous Metals
Thermohydraulic Characterization of Additive Manufactured Two-phase Heat Exchangers Using Lattice Structure
Ti-TiB Composite Micro-scaffolds by 3D Printing and Sintering of TiH2+TiB2 Powder-loaded Inks
Topology-property of Metallic TPMS Metamaterials
TPMS Lattice Design for Additive Manufacturing
Ultra-light and Nanostructured Metallic Foams Synthesized by Plasma Electrolysis
Viscoplastic Behavior of Additively-manufactured Polymeric Lattices with Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

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