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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Thermodynamic Properties, Structure and Phase Stabilities of Special Alloys
Organizer(s) Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz, CDL-IPE TU Wien
Ernst Kozeschnik, Vienna University of Technology
Scope The fulfilment of present-day requirements of consumer society is depending on the progress of innovative materials development for the use in transportation, energy, and communication technology, among various other branches. Moreover, responsibility for a worth-living environment for future generations needs to be accepted by sustainable and gentle processing. This can be jointly satisfied by the smart combination of various materials with optimized properties, preferably at reduced weight and long-term stability, often under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or corrosive ambience. Whereas conventional alloys often meet their limits here, special alloys can step into the breach due to vast flexibility of compositions and associated microstructures, often allowing to reach incredible mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, among various other interesting effects such as shape memory, giant magnetoresistance or even high-temperature superconductivity. Indeed, special alloys may themselves represent materials of high complexity, or their interrelations with other system parts make high demands on process conditions. This symposium is devoted to contributions that will lead to a deeper basic understanding of thermodynamic properties, structure and phase stabilities of special alloys. Further, their physics-based microstructural modeling and simulation, and studies on interrelations between phase stabilities, microstructures and mechanical properties during processing and service, as well as reports on new alloy concepts and applications are most welcome.
Abstracts Due 05/31/2020

Deformation Induced Precipitation in Microalloyed Al-Cu
Depiction of Electro-optical Characteristics in CdSexTe1-x by Curbing Content And Short-Range Pattern
Determination of the Activation Energy of the Formation of Intermetallic Compounds in the Ni-Al and Ti-Al System Upon Receipt of Special Alloys
Examining the Oxidation in NiAl Binary Alloys Using Cellular Automata
Interdiffusion in Ternary Ti-Al-Mo System and Its Application during Homogenization Treatment
Introductory Comments: Thermodynamic Properties, Structure and Phase Stabilities of Special Alloys
Sodium Pnictogen Chalcogenides for Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Applications
Thermal Decomposition of Quasicrystals in Powder-processed Icosahedral-Phase-strengthened Aluminum Alloys
Thermodynamic Modeling of the Ga-Mn-Ni System for Heusler Alloy Development
Thermodynamic Properties of Special Alloys of the Ti-Al System Formed under SHS Conditions

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