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About this Symposium
Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials Research in Reduced Gravity
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Solidification Committee
TMS: Process Technology and Modeling Committee
Organizer(s) Wilhelmus H. Sillekens, European Space Agency
Michael Sansoucie, Nasa Marshall Space Flight Center
Robert W. Hyers, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Douglas M. Matson, Tufts University
Gwendolyn P. Bracker, DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space
Scope The absence of gravitational effects such as thermal and solutal buoyancy enables investigation of a large range of different phenomena in materials science. These reduced-gravity experiments can isolate phenomena otherwise obscured in ground-based experiments, leading to new discoveries that can improve materials and processes here on Earth. Long-term experiments in microgravity have a long history – from the early days of spaceflight to current experiments onboard the International Space Station. Other platforms for reduced gravity experiments include drop tubes and towers that provide seconds of reduced gravity, aircraft (parabolic flights) that provide tens of seconds, and sounding rockets that provide hundreds of seconds. Abstracts are solicited in all areas of materials research employing reduced gravity, including crystal growth, containerless processing, materials processing and properties, and experimental facilities for materials research. This symposium continues the series "Experimental Methods in Microgravity Materials Research" and "Materials Research in Reduced Gravity", which have been recurrently held at the TMS Annual Meeting since the 1980s.
Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

AC Calorimetry of Liquid Metals in Electromagnetic Levitation: Comparison of Procedures in Microgravity and Terrestrial Conditions
Analysis of In-Situ Microgravity Equiaxed Solidification Experiment using Machine Learning and Advanced Ground-Based Characterization Techniques
CAPTN Simulation of Dendritic Grain Structures
Contactless Material Properties Measurement using AC or DC Magnetic Fields
Containerless Solidification of Al-22.5wt%Cu in Reduced Gravity Using the ISS-EML
Containerless Thermophysical Property Measurement of Bulk Metallic Glasses in the Liquid State under Microgravity
Convection during Modulation Calorimetry Experiments in Electromagnetic Levitation
Effects of Oxygen on the Surface Tension of Liquid Inconel 718
ESA’s Materials Science in Space Program: Current State of Affairs and Outlook
Evolution of Dendritic Extended 3D Patterns during Directional Solidification: Microgravity Experiments in DECLIC-DSI Onboard ISS and Phase-field Modeling
Experiment Preparation and Operation of the Electromagnetic Levitator EML on the ISS
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of an Oscillating High-density Drop Processed using Electrostatic Levitation Furnace Aboard the International Space Station
Gravity Influence on the Distortion-Densification Trajectory for Liquid Phase Sintering
In-situ Investigation of the Impact of Gravity on CET during Directional Solidification of Al-Cu Alloys
Influence of Undercooling and Convective Stirring on Phase Transformations in Electromagnetically Levitated Fe-Co
Melt Flow Sensitivity to Sample Properties and Changes in the Electromagnetic Field During Oscillating Drop Experiments in EML
Morphological Stability of Eutectic Growth Patterns: In-situ Experiments in Microgravity with the Transparent Alloys Apparatus
Nucleation and Growth Dynamics of Equiaxed Dendrites in Thin Metallic Samples in Microgravity and on Ground
Overview of NASA’s Reduced Gravity Materials Science Research
Peritectic Coupled Growth Under Reduced Gravity
Relating Cooling Rates in Superheated Liquid and during Solidification
Solidification of Al-Cu Alloys in Microgravity and Terrestrial Environments
Structure and Properties of the Solder Joints Produced in Terrestrial and Microgravity Environment
Thermophysical Properties of Ge- and Si-based Semiconductors
Transient Convective Transport during Undercooled Droplet Solidification
Visualization of Particle-Interface Interactions
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