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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T24: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices
Sponsorship ACerS Electronics Division
Organizer(s) Amar Bhalla, University of Texas
Ruyan Guo, University of Texas at San Antonio
Rick Ubic, Boise State University
Matjaž Spreitzer, Jožef Stefan Institute
Tanmoy Maiti, IIT Kanpur
Scope The symposium covers recent developments in design, preparation, and properties of dielectric and electromagnetic materials as well as manufacturing issues related to dielectric materials and electronic circuits.

Specific topics include:

- Advances in Dielectric, Piezoelectric, and Ferroelectric Materials Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
- Novel Processing of Functional Ceramics
- Simulation, Modeling and Design Issues for Dielectric and Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
- Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Electronic Circuits
- LTCC, ULTCC, and CSP Materials, Techniques, and Applications
- Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Materials
- Dielectrics for Energy Storage Applications
- Thermoelectrics
- Superionic Conductors
- Ferroelectric Relaxors, Ferroics, and Multiferroics
- Tunable Dielectric and Multiferroic Materials
- Ferrites, Magnetoelectrics, and Composite Multiferroics
- EMI Shielding
- Novel Composites, Metamaterials, and Photonics: Electronic, Magnetic, Optical, and Cross-Coupled Properties
- Thin and Thick Films, Composites, & Single-Crystal Materials and Devices
- Memristors & Transistors
- Amorphous and Semiconducting Dielectrics, Glass-Ceramic-Based Electronics
- Metal-Ceramic Composites/Nano Composites for Microelectronic Packaging Applications

Abstracts Due 05/15/2024

Advanced Magnetoelectric nanostructure for Enhanced Water Purification
Advancing Ferrite Materials For Dynamic Wireless Charging Systems For Electric Vehicles
Analysis of Inkjet Printed Barium Titanate and Barium Titanate:Cobalt Ferrite Core Shell Nanocomposites for Tunable Electronic Devices
Analysis of the Electrical Conduction Mechanisms of La-Doped AgNbO3 Ferroelectric Ceramics
Artificially Induced Morphotropic Phase Boundary by Nano-Clustering of Ferroelectric Ceramics via Aerosol Deposition
Boron Fiber as an Electrically Conductive Polarizable Material
CoFe2O4/PZT Magnetoelectric Composites for Magnetic Field Sensing
Droplet Spread Analysis of Functional Inks Using A Computational Micro-Fluidics Simulation
Effect of Distorted Perovskites on the Performance of Dielectric Energy Storage Material
Effect of Mo doping on Structural and Ferroelectric Properties of BaTiO3 Using Electron Microscopy
Effect of Processing in Eutectic Melt on the Morphology and Performance of Dielectric Materials; Directional Freezing in Eutectic Melt
Effects of Dispersion Through Ultrasonification Method on Electro-Magnetic Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Elucidation of the Electromagnetic Shielding Behavior of Metals
Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Flash-Sintered Co-Doped Materials
Eu3+ Doped La2O3 and Ta2O5 Based Glass Scintillator for Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging Material Application
High Entropy Oxides with Ultra-Low Thermal Conductivity: Emerging Class of High Temperature Thermoelectrics
Hot Carrier Injection in 65nm n-LDMOS
How Can Efficiency of Glass Scintillator Be Enhanced?
Investigation of the Dielectric Response of BNT–KBT Based Lead-Free Ceramics
Lead-Free Bismuth-based Halide Perovskite with Temperature-Driven Dual Dielectric Switching
Local Structure, Phase Formation, Electrical Properties, and Energy Storage Efficiency of (1-x)BaTiO3(x)BiYO3 Ceramics
Machine Learning Predictions of Structural and Ferroelectric Properties of Perovskites
Magnetoelectric Nanorobots for Magnetically Assisted Cell Targeting, Electroporation and On-Demand Drug Delivery
Mechanical Properties and Application of High Temperature-Resistant Thermoelectric Modules
Microwave Behavior of Cement-Based Materials
Nanocomposites of High Entropy Oxide Thermoelectrics for High-Grade Waste Heat Recovery
Off-State Current Characteristics of Vertical-Channel FET Using Single-Crystal Indium Oxide
Oxygen Permeability in Single-Crystal Indium Oxide Ceramics and Reliability Characteristics in Vertical Channel FETs
Photoinduced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Antibacterial Property of Titanium Oxide Hollow Nanosphere
Printable Ink Formulation of Piezoelectric Ceramic on Glass Substrates for Haptic Feedback
Processing and Characterization of Conductive and Dielectric Inks for Inkjet Printing
Recent Advances in Copper-Based Thermoelectric Sulfides
Room Temperature Fabrication of Ceramic Composites for Electronic Applications
Soft and Stretchable Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites and Their Additive Manufacturing
Spark Plasma Sintering of High-TC CaBi2Nb2O9 that Exhibits Superior Piezoelectric Performance
Structure-Property Relationships: A-Site Cations Redistribution in Polar Perovskite Oxides
Study of Laser-Assisted Machining on Single-Crystal Piezoelectric Material for Advanced Electronic Devices
Study of Microstructure and Chemistry of Ge-Rich GST Materials Electrically Stressed by C – AFM for Phase Change Memories Applications

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