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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Natural Fibers and Its Composites: A Sustainable Solution
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Biomaterials Committee
TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
Organizer(s) Henry A. Colorado, Universidad de Antioquia
Sergio Neves Monteiro, Instituto Militar de Engenharia
Carlos Fontes Fontes Vieira, State University Of The North Fluminense
Scope Natural fibers are a renewable resource ready to be used in many new applications due to their abundance worldwide, excellent properties, low cost, and green solution. There has been an increasing interest in research and a growing industrial sector, with a high potential to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of other traditional materials and processes. On the other hand, there is an increasing development of composite materials with natural fibers, using as a matrix polymers, ceramics, and biodegradable materials. The applications include but are not limited to sports, transportation, armor, medical, infrastructure, construction and building materials, and architecture.
Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

Arapaima Gigas Scales, an Inspiration of a Natural Material for Composite Applications
Cement Composites Made with Powdered Coffee and Rice Husks
Characterization of Broom Sorghum Colm Fibers as Potential Natural Fiber Reinforcement for Polymer Composites
Characterization of Ubim Fiber by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
Characterization of “Melga” (Broom Sorghum) Panicle Fibers: Potential use as Natural Fiber Reinforcement for Polymer Composites
D-23: Corozo Palm Fibers: Mechanical Behavior and Potential Use for Composites
D-24: Feasibility Study of Incorporation of Dyeing Sludge in Red Ceramics
D-25: Tensile and Bend Properties of High Density Polyethylene Matrix Composites Reinforced with Graphene Nanoplatelets and Jute Fabric
D-43: Effects of Aging by Immersion in Water and Functionalized Epoxy Matrix with Graphene Nanoplates in Fique Fabric-reinforced Composites
Development of Nouvel Bio-based Epoxy Resin Made with Cardanol, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Subproduct
Influence of the Incorporation of Particulates from the Pineapple Crown on the Impact Strength of Epoxy Systems
Mitigation of Urban Noise through the Implementation of Pumice with an Air Chamber on Building Facades
Mitigation of Urban Noise through the Implementation of Sound-absorbing Facade Skirting Boards Based on Epoxy Resin and Rice Husk Nanoparticles
Natural Fibers Used from Colombia and their Use as Potential Reinforcement for Composite Materials
Qualification of Polymeric Composites for Piping Repair by Tensile Testing
Recent Advances in Understanding Wood Cell Wall Material Properties

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