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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Deformation-induced Microstructural Evolution during Solid Phase Processing: Experimental and Computational Studies
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Shaping and Forming Committee
Organizer(s) Arun Devaraj, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pascal M. Bellon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Suhas Eswarappa Prameela, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mostafa Hassani, Cornell University
Scope Mechanical deformation can be used to modify the microstructure of metallic alloys to achieve supersaturation of solutes, nanoscale precipitate morphology and novel phase equilibria, all of which in turn can be leveraged to achieve improved mechanical properties. Deformation of materials also leads to the generation of many defects ranging from vacancies, dislocations, stacking faults, sub-grain boundaries, new grain boundaries, and voids. For developing better predictive models of microstructural evolution during such deformation processing, it is critical to understand how all these varieties of deformation induced defects can then influence the diffusion of atoms during the processing and then ultimately dictate the microstructural evolution. Therefore, this symposium will bring together both experimental researchers using in operando, in situ and ex situ characterizations including advanced microscopy and synchrotron-based X-ray methods as well as computational researchers developing new computational approaches to better predict the multiscale microstructural evolution at medium to large strains. Studies of microstructural evolution during traditional severe plastic deformation methods, friction stir processing/welding methods, cold spray, and other deformation processing methods are also of interest.
Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A High-Speed Rotational Diamond Anvil Cell for In Situ Analysis of Microstructural Evolution of Metallic Alloys during Solid Phase Processing
Aging Kinetics in Cold Sprayed AA 7050 Material
An integrated Computational and Experimental Study of the Alloying Effects on Texture Evolution in Mg Alloys
An Integrated PRISMS Framework for Simulating Twinning/Detwinning in Mg and Mg alloys
ARB Processing of Bulk Fe-Al and Ti-Al Nano-metallic Laminates
Characterization of Phase and Mechanical Developments of Martensitic α' Phase in Ti-6Al-4V Under Laser Processing via In-Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
Chemistry and Phase Formation at Lattice Defects: Equilibrium Cases and Kinetics
Continuous Metal Processing of Ultrafine-grained Copper Sheets through Cold Angular Rolling Process
Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modeling Integrated with Transformation Induced Plasticity of Metastable Austenitic Steel at Low Temperature
Crystal Plasticity Simulation of In-grain Microstructure and Microtexture Evolution during Large Deformation of IF-steel
Crystal Rotation Kinematics and the Activation of Different Twinning Systems due to Tribological Loading
Deformation Induced G.P. Zone Formation in Magnesium Alloys
Development of Solid-state Processing of Electrical Steels for Cost-efficient Electric Motors
Dynamic Recrystallization in Face-centered Cubic Particles during High-velocity Impacts
Effect of Post Deposition Heat Treatment on the Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of GRCop-42 and HR-1 Cold Spray Deposits
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Molybdenum with Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Processing
Heterogeneous Microstructural Evolution in Cold Sprayed Copper Coatings Using Local Zener-Hollomon Parameter and Strain
Hybrid Rate Theory Model: Alternative Approach for Analysis of Radiation-induced Growth
Impact of the Plastic Deformation Microstructure in Metals on the Kinetics of Recrystallization: A Phase-field Study
In-situ Observation of Nucleation and Grain Growth in Recrystallization of Cold-rolled 1100 Aluminum Sheets
In-situ Observation of the Effects of Thermo-mechanical Processing on Microstructure Evolution in Ferrous and Non-ferrous Materials: An Abridged Summary of Results Obtained Using the FlexiStir Instrument
Local Modification of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in 7000 Series Al Alloys Achieved by Friction Stir Processing
Meshfree Simulation of Solid Phase Processing and Microstructure Analysis Using a Dislocation Density-based Constitutive Model
Microparticle Impact Testing at Elevated Temperatures
Microstructural and Chemical Evolution of Frictional Contacts
Microstructural Evolution during the Laser Forming of Sheet Metal
Microstructure Evolution for Modulate Color of Alloy: Study about Cu-Al-Zn-Sn Alloy
Microstructure Modification in Sintered Copper-tantalum Composites
On The Plastic Deformation Path and Concurrent Microstructure Evolution During Additive Friction Stir Deposition-Based Solid-State Metal Additive Manufacturing
Phase-field Model of Friction Stir Welding Recrystallization and Grain Growth
Phase Transformations in Hexagonal Closed Packed Materials during Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing
Physical Metallurgy of Mechanochemical Ignition Processes in High Pressure Oxygen Environments
Process Effects on the Heterogenous Microctructure of an Impact Welded Interface
Recrystallization and Microstructural Evolution in Cold Sprayed SS304L
Robotic Blacksmithing: Towards the Autonomous Control of Geometry and Microstructure Via Iterative, Open-Die Forming
Shear Deformation of Fe-Mn Alloys by High-speed Rotational Diamond Anvil Cell (HS-RDAC)
Single Particle Impacts Experiments for Fundamental Understanding of Cold Spray Deposition with Refractory Metals
Strengthening of Pre-treated Aluminum During Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing
Studies on Defect- and Chemical Diffusion Driven Rapid Consolidation of New Ni Alloys
The Relative Rates of Dynamic and Static Grain Growth in an Interstitial-Free Steel
The Role of Mechanical Loading in bcc-hcp Phase Transition: Tension-compression Asymmetry and Twin Formation
Three-dimensional Phase-field Simulation of Static Recrystallization in Aluminum Alloy Combined with Bayesian Data Assimilation
Twinning Behaviour Affected by Lowering Basal Stacking Fault Energy in Ti-10 at.%Al Alloy
Ultrafine-grained Bonding Interface of 316L Stainless Sheets Processed by Ultrasonic Spot Welding

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