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Meeting 2025 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Alloys III
Organizer(s) Chuan Zhang, CompuTherm LLC
Dilpuneet Aidhy, Clemson University
Bin Ouyang, Florida State University
Jicheng Zhao, University of Maryland
Scope The thermodynamics and kinetics of alloys play a pivotal role in understanding and optimizing their properties and performance. This proposed “Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Alloys" symposium will be a unique catch-all forum for researchers working in the field of both experiment and modeling to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest advancements, and explore future directions of thermodynamics and kinetics of alloys.

This symposium will cover a wide range of topics related to thermodynamics and kinetics of alloys, including, but not limited to:
1. Thermodynamic Modeling of Alloy Phase Equilibria:
• Advanced thermodynamic models for predicting phase equilibria in complex alloy systems.
• Thermodynamic database development and maintenance for alloy research.
• Effects of external fields (mechanical, electric, magnetic) on phase stability.
2. Kinetics and Diffusion in Alloys:
• Kinetic modeling of diffusion processes in multi-component alloys.
• Nucleation and growth kinetics in alloy microstructures.
• Influence of kinetics on alloy phase transformations and microstructure evolution.
3. Experimental Techniques and Characterization:
• Innovative experimental methods for studying alloy thermodynamic and kinetic properties.
• Integration of advanced in-situ/ex-situ characterization and synthesis techniques with computational models for understanding thermodynamic stability and kinetic processes in multi-component materials.
4. Materials Properties Prediction:
• Predictive modeling of various materials properties, including mechanical, chemical, electronic, and transport properties.
• Correlations between alloy composition, microstructure, and properties.
5. Alloy Design and Microstructure Control:
• Control of microstructure and phase composition in multi-phase alloy systems.
• Multi-scale modeling approaches for alloys, from atomistic to continuum.
• Tailoring alloys for specific applications, including electronic and photonic performance in functional multicomponent alloys.
• Integration of high-throughput and autonomous computational and/or experimental methods for alloy design.
• Advantages and challenges of combining experimental and computational approaches.
6. Integration of Computational Thermodynamics with Advanced Statistical and Data-Based Methods:
• Application of machine learning and uncertainty quantification techniques to alloy research.
• Data-driven approaches for predicting alloy behavior and properties.

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