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Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Incorporating Additive Manufacturing in Material Science and Engineering Education (2024 Student-led Symposium)
Sponsorship TMS: Education Committee
TMS: Additive Manufacturing Committee
Organizer(s) Bryan Crossman, The Ohio State University
Elvin Beach, Ohio State University
Scope Additive manufacturing (AM) is a relatively new manufacturing method when compared to traditional techniques such as casting, forging, or machining. AM has exploded in recent years leading to applications in polymers, ceramics, metals, and composites while becoming increasingly accessible. This increased accessibility requires incorporating AM into traditional material science and engineering education to prepare future generations of engineers capable of developing new applications for and solving the problems associated with AM. AM as an educational tool can be used to give students hands on experience with the material science tetrahedron of structure, properties, processing, and performance while also highlighting the engineering design process. AM can also be used as a tool to help visual learners by creating interactive visual aides to promote understanding of complex concepts.

This symposium will illustrate:

• Examples of AM integrated into material science and engineering education in recent years for various material systems and AM techniques.

• New advances in the AM field focusing on their potential applications in the education of future material science engineers.

• Perspectives from practitioners in the AM industry on educational needs going forward to help accelerate broad adoption in manufacturing and promote new discoveries.

Abstracts Due 07/15/2023
Proceedings Plan Planned:

Additive Manufacturing at Central State University
Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Engineers
Additive Manufacturing: A Pathway to Expand Education and Research In Marginalized Communities
Advancing Engineering Education through Additive Manufacturing: Empowering Academics with Simulation Software and Teaching Resources
Choose your Own Adventure: Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Development through Student-centered Experiential Learning
Educating the Next Generation of Manufacturing Pioneers Through Focused Additive Manufacturing Curricula
Importance of AM Practical Textbooks and Experiential Learning in Additive Manufacturing
Incorporating Additive Manufacturing in Materails Science & Engineering Laboratory-based Courses
Make-and-measure Spaces as a Tool for Materials Education
Recapitulating Materials Science in the Additive Manufacturing Classroom
Teaching Introductory Materials Engineering via Additive Manufacturing
Teaching the Tetrahedron: Additive Manufacturing for MSE Sophomores
The Evolving Role of Additive Manufacturing in the Materials Engineering Community: A Dual National Laboratory and Academic Perspective
The Role of Materials Science in Additive Manufacturing Workforce Development
Using Additive Manufacturing and Active Methods for Teaching Materials and Processes

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