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Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Local Ordering in Materials and Its Impacts on Mechanical Behaviors, Radiation Damage, and Corrosion
Sponsorship TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: Chemistry and Physics of Materials Committee
TMS: Nuclear Materials Committee
TMS: Corrosion and Environmental Effects Committee
Organizer(s) Yang Yang, Pennsylvania State University
Penghui Cao, University of California, Irvine
Fadi Abdeljawad, Lehigh University
Judith Yang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Irene J. Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert O. Ritchie, University of California, Berkeley
Scope Local ordering, either chemically or structurally, has received increasing attention in the past few years. In bulk metallic glasses, the short- /medium-range order (SRO/MRO) plays a critical role in the deformation process, such as the formation of shear-band. In simple solid-solution alloys such as Ni-Cr, the degree of SRO has recently been shown to impact the percolation limit in a corrosion process. In multi-principal element alloys such as high entropy alloys, the chemically SRO could affect the work hardening and radiation resistance. The emergent concept of local ordering presents a new dimension for further tuning the behaviors in structural materials, including mechanical performance, radiation tolerance, and corrosion resistance. However, a fundamental and predictive understanding of the thermodynamics, kinetics and structure-property relationship is lacking due to local atomic-level disordered features. This symposium focuses on computational and experimental efforts, which promote the development of concepts and methodologies to understand local ordering in materials.

Specific topics include:
- Understanding structural and chemical SRO/MRO in amorphous materials and crystalline alloys via advanced experimental characterization, simulation, and modeling
- The role of SRO/MRO on defect and microstructure evolution at atomistic to microscopic length-scales
- Non-equilibrium dynamics and kinetics under extreme driving conditions, including high strain rate, high/cryogenic temperature, radiation, and corrosion
- Experimental characterizations and in-situ techniques, including S/TEM, 4D STEM, SEM, in situ TEM, X-Ray,
- Simulation and modeling algorithms, including first-principles methods, atomistic simulation, kinetic Monte Carlo, machine learning

Abstracts Due 07/15/2023
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Computational Thermodynamics Framework with Intrinsic Chemical Short-range Order
A Percolation Model of Passivation for Binary FCC Alloys: Effects of Short Range Order
A Simple Model for Short-Range Ordering Kinetics in Multicomponent Solid Solution Alloys
Atomic-scale Origin of the Low Grain-boundary Resistance in Perovskite Solid Electrolyte Li0.375Sr0.4375Ta0.75Zr0.25O3
Bridging the Gap between Quantum Materials Modeling and Experiments with Machine Learning Under Extreme Environments
Capturing Short-range Order in High-entropy Alloys with Machine-learning Potentials
Combinatorial Investigation of He-ion Irradiation Behavior of Nano-structured W-based Alloys
Correlation between Severe Cr Charge Density Distortion and Large Variation of Stacking Fault Energy in Ni-based HEAs
Defect Energy Statistics in Concentrated Solid Solutions
Design of Radiation-resistant Solid Solution Alloys Using Co-clustering of Synergistic Solutes
Discerning Chemical Short-range Ordering from Nanoindentation Pop-in Loads in a BCC Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloy
Dislocation Plasticity in Inhomogeneous FeCrAl Alloys
Dislocations in Complex Alloys
Elucidating the Roles of Chemistry, Compositional Complexity, and Short-range Order in the Dislocation Energetics of Refractory Alloys
Exploration of Local Structural Effects in NiCoCr to Cryogenic Temperatures: A Total Scattering Investigation
How Can We Tune the Short-range Order (SRO) in Multi-principal Element Alloys (MPEA)s?
Impact of Chemical Ordering on Sluggish Diffusion in Medium Entropy Alloys
Impact of Short-range Order on Planar Slips in High-entropy Alloys
Impact of Thermal Vacancies on Chemical Ordering Kinetics in Complex Concentrated Alloys
Interfacial Free Volume Redistribution during Relaxation of a Spray Deposited Amorphous Alloy
Local Solute Clustering and Partially Active Segregation at Grain Boundaries in Nanocrystalline Sterling Silver Alloys
Machine Learning-enabled Tomographic Imaging of Chemical Short-range Order in Fe-based Alloys
Mechanics of High-entropy Alloys
Modeling Radiation-induced Segregation Near Nanosized Cavities in Fe-Cr Alloys
Neural Network Potential-based Molecular Dynamics Nanoindentation and Machine Learning-based Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulations of the Impact of Chemical Order in CrCoNi Medium-entropy Alloy
Ni2Cr Long Range Ordered Transgranular Precipitation-accelerated Corrosion of Ni-Cr Alloys in Chloride Molten Salt
Non-equilibrium Ionic Transport in Oxides
Nonequilibrium Short-range Order in High-entropy Alloys
Ordering and Spinodal Decomposition in Lightweight Fe-Mn-Al-C Steels
Oxidation Kinetics for Model Refractory Multiple Principal Element Alloy Nb-Ti-Zr
Quantitative Assessment of Short-range Order in Atomistic Simulations of High-entropy Alloys
Role of Nanoscale Heterogeneities on Charged Species Transport and Oxide Growth: Example of Noble Metallic Inclusions
Sharpening Our Focus on Diffuse Scattering: Partial Ordering and Nanoscale Planar Defects in Multi-principal Element Alloys
Short-range Ordering Mechanics in FCC Materials
Short-range Structure and Dynamics in Disordered Materials from 4D STEM
Statistical Fluctuations, Clustering and Short-range Ordering: A CALPHAD Based Thermodynamics Perspective
The Question of Short Range Order and Its Impact on Deformation Mechanisms in CrCoNi
Thermodynamic Formation Mechanism of Chemical Short-range Order and Its Influence on Elastoplastic Deformation in Multi-principal Elemental Alloys
Three-dimensional Atomic Positions and Local Chemical Order of Medium- and High-Entropy Alloys
Tuning the Interplay between Local Chemical Order with Lattice Distortion in Planar Slip Bands to Increase Strain Hardening and Ductility in HEAs
Understanding Processing Pathways for Chemical Short-range Order in Equiatomic CoCrNi Alloy
Won’t You Be My Neighbor: Tracking Chemical Short-Range Order and Its Impact on Corrosion Resistance in a Medium Entropy Alloy

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