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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T25: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Frontiers in Thermal Energy Storage
Organizer(s) Shuang Cui, University of Texas at Dallas/National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Judith Vidal, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Luke McLaughlin, Sandia National Laboratories
Yi Zeng, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Scope This session, ‘Frontiers in Thermal Energy Storage’, will explore the latest advancements in materials, systems, and demonstration research that are transforming the future of thermal energy storage (TES). This session will highlight the pivotal role of TES in enhancing energy efficiency across various sectors, including buildings, industrial processes, and concentrated solar power systems for power generation, which rely on stable electricity generation.

This session seeks a diverse range of contributions focused on advancing TES technologies. We invite analytical, numerical, and experimental research on innovative TES materials, such as phase change materials (PCMs), thermochemical energy storage materials, and improved sensible heat storage materials. We seek advancements in the design of systems and components that optimize performance and extend the long duration capabilities of TES technologies. Additionally, we welcome real-world demonstration and deployment projects that showcase the practical applications and effectiveness of TES technologies.

Abstracts Due 05/01/2025
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