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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Microstructure and Physical Property Optimization in High Entropy Alloys
Sponsorship TMS Phase Transformations Committee
Organizer(s) Bharat Gwalani, North Carolina State Universtiy
Arun Devaraj, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Eric A. Lass, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Rajarshi Banerjee, University of North Texas
Scope High entropy alloys offer an ability to engineer unique microstructures achieved by manipulating its compositional complexity. Often the experimentally-observed, single-phase high entropy alloy (HEA) is the result of second-phase precipitation constrained by thermodynamic and/or kinetic factors. Several metastable phases which are not predicted by equilibrium phase diagrams are also often reported to be present in HEAs. Further, a large microstructural variation is noted in these alloys when processed using different processing routes, due to abundant mutually exclusive phase transformation pathways. These dramatically different phase transformation pathways can lead to some rather exceptional mechanical properties that can also be varied over a large range. In addition, several reports have suggested that the deformation mechanisms of HEAs can be fundamentally different compared to solute lean alloys. With the rapidly growing interests in HEAs, this symposium aims to bring the worldwide HEA research community together to present and discuss the latest results on microstructural engineering and resultant unique properties that can be achieved using HEAs.

The areas of interest for this symposium are novel microstructures in HEAs, unconventional strengthening phases, metastability engineering of phases, multiple strengthening mechanisms due to hierarchical effect of microstructures and other novel topics within HEAs. Both experimental and computational work on these topics are welcome.

Abstracts Due 05/31/2020

3D Twinning in High Entropy Alloys
Hierarchical Eutectoid Nano-lamellar Decomposition in an Al0.3CoFeNi Complex Concentrated Alloy
On the Low Cycle Fatigue Response of CoCrNiFeMn High Entropy Alloy with Ultra-fine Grain Structure
Short-range Atomic Order Drives Exceptional Mechanical Properties of Multi-principal Element Alloys

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