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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T25: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium 2D Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
Organizer(s) Christopher Eugene Shuck, Rutgers University
David Estrada, Boise State University
Nicolas Glavin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Scope Scope: Research into 2D materials has grown globally due to their exciting properties and ever-expanding chemistries. There are diverse classes of 2D materials (MXenes, Xenes, 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), 2D perovskites, etc.) that have ceramic or ceramic-like properties, whether in their chemistry or bonding, allowing them to achieve goals that no other class of materials can. Due to their unique properties, 2D materials have the possibility of revolutionizing many aspects of life, from energy storage to biomedicine to environmental remediation.

This symposium will be an international forum for discussion of synthesis, properties, and applications of 2D materials. All aspects of fundamental experimental and theoretical research related to 2D materials, including materials discovery and synthesis, characterization of their electrical, optical, thermal, mechanical properties, and their applications as functional devices will be covered in this symposium.

Session Topics:
1) Synthesis of Novel 2D Material Chemistries: Experimental and Theoretical
2) Optical/Electronic Properties
3) Mechanical/Thermal Properties and Applications
4) Chemical/Catalytic Properties and Applications
5) Integration of 2D Materials into Electronics
6) Novel Heterostructures and Composites
7) Electrochemical Properties and Applications
8) Biological Applications

Abstracts Due 05/01/2025
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