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About this Symposium
Meeting 2024 ASC Technical Conference, US-Japan Joint Symposium, D30 Meeting
Symposium 2024 ASC Technical Conference, US-Japan Joint Symposium, D30 Meeting
Organizer(s) Mehran Tehrani, Conference Chair, University of California, San Diego
Margherita Capriotti, San Diego State University
Masahiro Arai, Nagoya University
Hyonny Kim, University of California, San Diego
Justin Massey, NAVAIR
Paulina Diaz-Montiel, University of San Diego
Satchi Venkataraman, San Diego State University
Michael Czabaj, University of Utah
Scope American Society for Composites 39th Annual Technical Conference &
20th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials &
ASTM Committee D30 Meeting (60th anniversary).

ASC is the preeminent annual technical conference in the field of composite materials and structures in the U.S. ASC 2024 will be co-hosted with the US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials & ASTM Committee D30 Meeting. Together, these events will bring together leaders in composites from across the globe, fostering information exchange and community building.

Abstract Deadline: Now extended until March 15, 2024
Abstracts should be submitted in 150-250 words. Abstracts less than 150 words or more than 250 will not be considered.

Manuscripts are required for presentations, further information will be made available on the Conference website: and accepted abstract authors will receive further details on manuscript guidelines at a later date.

Please note the additional information below:

  • Each presentation requires an accompanying paper.
  • A registered attendee can present a maximum of one paper.
  • Attendees have the option to register and attend without presenting or co-authoring a paper.
Abstracts Due 03/29/2024
Proceedings Plan Definite: Post-meeting proceedings

A Review of Surface Analysis Technologies for Increasing Robustness of Composite Bonding in the Fleet
3D Printed Flexoelectric Sensor for Damage Detection of Composite Structures
3D Printing and Characterization of Multifunctional Carbon Fiber Structural Batteries Composites Using Photopolymer Resin
3D Printing of Woven Carbon Fiber Composites via a Stereolithography-inspired Technique with Consolidation
3D Woven Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting
A comprehensive and innovative damage-based strategy to predict fatigue damage evolution in composite laminates
A Comprehensive Study on Long-Term Durability of Protective Epoxy Coatings for Electrified Roadways
A coupled thermo-mechanical phase field model to predict fracture in fiber reinforced polymer composites at high temperature environment
A Fracture Mechanics Based Methodology to Address Face Sheet/Core Disbonding in Composite Sandwich Structures
A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Bending After Impact Strength and Failure Modes in Hybrid (CFRP/GFRP) Sandwich Composites
A machine learning based damage constitutive model for short fiber reinforced polymer (SFRP) composite
A Magnetic Field Assisted Accelerated Composites Volumetric Additive Manufacturing
A micro-mechanical analysis of tow undulation effects on compressive failure in woven composite laminates
A simplified method for multiscale simulation for SFRP
A Study of ASTM C273 Core Shear Test Protocol
A study on theoretical analysis method of sandwich SCB test including geometric nonlinearity
Abrasive Friction Drilling in Fiber Reinforced Composite Thermosetting Polymer Composites
Additive Manufacture of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Grid Stiffened Panels
Additive Manufacturing of Chicken Feather Fiber Filled Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) Biopolymer
Additive Manufacturing of Fire-Resistant Wood Composites Using Natural Biomaterials
Additive Manufacturing of Thermoset Composites via Infrared-Assisted Frontal Polymerization
Additively manufactured composites: Pioneering customisable tow-preg filaments to deliver tailored material properties.
Additively Manufactured Repairs for Composites
Additively Printed Continuous Tows Preform for Frontal-cured Dicyclopentadiene Composite Tube Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing and Analysis of Organic-based Magnetoelectric Composites with Tuneable Multifunctional Properties
Advanced Materials Development for Energy Conversion and Storage
Advanced Single Vacuum Bag Process for Efficient On-Aircraft Composite Repair
Advancements in Understanding Fatigue Behavior of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS Composites with Process Defects
Advances in Fiber Alignment Process for Highly Aligned Short Fiber Preforms for Thin Ply Composites
Advancing Additively Manufactured Composite Structural Joints Testing with Discrete Computational Modeling and Digital Twins
AI-driven Process Control for Resin Transfer Molding
AI-Empowered LS-Dyna ICME Simulation Technique for Multiscale Predictive Modeling of Composites
Amorphous Interfaces in Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic Composites
An Experimentally Validated Phase Field Model for Anisotropic Ductile Fracture in Additively Manufactured Metallic Materials
An Investigation of Vacuum Bag-Only Consolidation of Carbon Reinforced LM-PAEK
Analysis of Anisotropic Inclusion Problems Using Complex Variables
Analysis of power, vibration, and feed force signals during composite drilling for delamination phenomenon identification
Analysis of Triangular Rollable and Collapsible Composite Booms Under the Effects of Gravity and Twist
Analyzes of Stress Concentration Effects in High Strain Composite Column Bending Tests for Space Applications
Application of SHM and damage-tolerance design for hydrogen composite pressure vessel
Application of the principle of solid-fluid interaction and composite analysis as foundations for the design of wind turbine blades in order to optimize their energy performance in the state of Baja California.
Assessing Impact Efficacy of Novel Additively Manufactured Sandwich Structures
Assessing Micro-Void Formation at the Tips of Fibers within the Microstructure of Additively Manufactured Polymer Composite Bead
Assessment of the impact behavior of basalt/epoxy laminates and their end-of-life scenario as a function of impactor mass, temperature and pyro-gasification parameters
Basalt Fiber Composite: Characterization and Adaptation of ASTM Standard for Full Field Measurement
Bayesian Calibration and Uncertainty Quantification of Cohesive Zone Parameters at an Adhesively Bonded Textile and Fabric Interface
Benchmark machine learning models in design optimization of tow-steered composite structures
Bio-Based Epoxy Natural Fiber Composites for Marine Energy Harvesting
Bio inspiration to develop composite systems with extended life
Bonded Nutplate Adhesive Cure Investigation
Breaking the Wavelength Barrier for Precursor Damage Estimation in Composite Structures using Nonlinear Ultrasonics
Buckypaper enhanced shape memory polymer composites for improved thermo-mechanical properties and electro-active recovery
Carbon-based Damage Sensor for Composite Structures
Characterization of Electrical Conductivity in Unidirectional Thermoplastic Composite Laminates Joined by Induction Welding
Characterization of flexure-induced through-thickness fracture in tape laminate composites using ex-situ computed tomography
Characterization of Low-Velocity Impact Damage in Resin Infused Composites
Characterization of mode I fatigue fracture in tape laminates and adhesively bonded composites based on the J-integral approach
Characterization of Prepreg Tack Using an In-Situ Peel Test Method
Characterization of the composite interfacial fiber-matrix fracture energy using a DCB test and SEM fracture surface analysis.
Characterization of Volumetric Damage in a Woven PMC with an Embedded Lightning Strike Protection Layer
Characterizing Fiber-Matrix Interface Debonding and Transverse Cracking in Macro Fiber Sample Composites
Characterizing the mixed mode decohesion of uncured thermoset tows
Characterizing the Process-Property Interrelationships in Additively Manufactured Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Combining the Progressive Release eXplicit Virtual Crack Closure Technique with an Onset Criterion
Comparison of damage mechanisms in Chopped Strand Mat and Woven Roving Mat composites under tension-tension cyclic loading
Comparison of Fabricating Polymer-fiber-reinforced Polymers (PFRPs) between Powder Impregnation and Film Stacking Methods
Comparison of the Properties and Re-processability of Isomeric Epoxy Imine Composites
Composite Core Designs for Freeform Structures
Composite Repair using Thermo-reversible Epoxy Vitrimers for Extending Service Life and Reducing Waste
Composite Wind Blade Repair: A Parametric Study Accounting for the Effect of Moisture on Curing
Compressive Response of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Epoxy Composite Structures with Honeycomb Truss Core
Compressive strength prediction of carbon fiber/polyimide composite at elevated temperature using micro/meso-scale numerical simulation results.
Computational Assessment of the Opening Mode Facesheet-to-Core Fracture Toughness of a Thin-Gage Facesheet Sandwich Structure
Computational Exploration of the Mechanical Behavior of High-Performance Epoxy
Computational Modeling of Low-Velocity Impact Damage and Moisture Interaction in Polymer Composites
Continuous welding of carbon fiber thermoplastic composites using Radio frequency (RF) fields
Control of Multi-stabile States of Corrugated Shell Structures with Steered Fiber Paths
Correlating Effects of Porosity with Interlaminar Strength of L-Shaped Composite Laminates
Correlating Microscale Damage with Dielectric State Variable Characterized by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BbDS)
Coupled Oxidation and Damage Model for SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites
Coupled Thermomechanical RVE Analysis of Composite Effective Thermal Conductivities Including the Influence of Failure
Crystallization Prediction for Pulsed Light Heating Systems in Automated Fiber Placement
Cure Kinetics, Void Contents and Thermal Properties of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Processed through Frontal Polymerization(FP): An Experimental and Numerical Study
Curing simulation of composites through 1D multi-field finite element models
Curvilinear Anisotropy for Notch Insensitive and Damage Tolerant Structures under Torsion: An Analytical and Numerical Study
Damage assessment in composite materials with thermal methods
Damage imaging in stiffened composite panels by ultrasonic sparse array Matched Field Processing
Damage of Postbuckled Composite Hat-Stringer Panels Subject to Compression After Impact
Damage Progress of Plain Woven CFRP under Tensile-Tensile Cyclic Loading
Data-Driven Approaches for Assessing Compression After Low-Velocity Impact in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
Deep Learning Models for Automatic Image Segmentation of Low Velocity Impact Damage in CFRP Composites
Deformation analysis of thermosetting FRP during cure process using a homogenization-based FEA
Dependence of microstructure and flexural response of thin-shell carbon fiber/PA6 composite on ply thickness
Design for Manufacturing of Structures with Automated Fiber Placement via Integration of Analysis and Process Planning
Design of a Novel Reduced Order Finite Element Model to Study the Effects of Microstructure Morphology on Composite Properties
Design Optimization and Analysis Validation of Complex Composite Parts Manufactured using Fiber Patch Placement (FPP)
Detection and Intelligent In-situ Self-healing of Damage in Composite Structures
Detection and Localization of Overlaps and Folds within Tow-Steered Composite Panels During Autoclave Cure
Detection of microscopic defects in CFRP using X-ray Talbot-Lau interferometry
Developing continuum damage model tensors for ceramic matrix composites using genetic programming based symbolic regression
Development and processing of environmentally sustainable polydimethylsiloxane composites for thermal insulation applications
Development of a Combined Cohesive and Virtual Crack-Closure Technique Approach to Represent R-Curves
Development of a Fatigue Model for Prediction of Bondline Failure in Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) using Abaqus and the Extended Finite Element Method
Development of a Higher-Level Building Block Testing Standard Using Seven Point Bend Configuration for Performance Evaluation at Scale
Development of auxetic composite materials for improved impact properties.
Development of Data-Driven Surrogate Models for Rapid Simulation of Fibre Reinforced Composites in Progressive Fracture Tests
Development of Hierarchical Multifunctional Polymeric and Ceramic Nanocomposites
Development of Machine Learning based Method for Prediction Complete Delamination Morphology
Digital Light Processing of Solvent-Free Graphite Nanoparticles and Edge-Oxidized Graphite Oxide-Acrylic Nanocomposites
Digital twins for accelerated materials innovation
Direct 3D Printing of Thermosetting Continuous Carbon Fiber Lattice Composite Structures
Direct Ink Writing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Thermoset Composites Based on Frontal Polymerization of the Resin
Discerning Microstructure of CMC Microcomposites from Micro-CT Imaging Data using Machine Learning
Does micromechanics work for predicting the transverse tensile strength of a composite?
Dynamic Response of Liquid Composite Reinforced Thin-Walled Tube
Effect of bi-axial tensile loading on the Helium gas leakage behavior of thin-ply CFRP laminates 
Effect of distributed fiber lengths on the mechanical property of highly aligned short fiber composites
Effect of eccentric compression load on failure of pultruded glass fibre-reinforced polymer composites
Effect of Environmental Aging on the Thermal and Chemical Properties of Flax Fiber-Polypropylene Natural Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
Effect of Fatigue Damage on Residual Strength in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminates
Effect of Fiber Angle on the Radial Stress in Hybrid Aluminum/Composite Tubes
Effect of Manufacturing Imperfections in Sandwich Composites with Aluminum Honeycomb in Multi-Axial Loading
Effect of polymeric nanofibrous veils on co-cured joint strength
Effectiveness of Impact Resistance for Nacre-like Composites
Effects of Graphene Quantum Dot Oxidation on the Mechanics of Epoxy Nanocomposites: A Molecular Dynamics study
Effects of Repair Reinforcement on Scarf Joint Strength
Efficient and uniform manufacturing of carbon fiber epoxy composite laminates using UV-induced frontal polymerization
Efficient Design of Laminate Composites Using Ensemble Kalman Inversion Method
Electrochemical synthesis of gold nanoparticles-biopolymer nanocomposite to be used as biosensor surfaces.
Elemental Sulfur Assisted Interface Functionalization of Woven Carbon Fiber PEEK Composites
Elucidating the effect of vertical aligned carbon nanotubes on the progressive failure of tow-based discontinuous composites
Energy absorption characteristics of additively manufactured composite tube-reinforced polymer honeycomb
Engineering Advanced Glass Fiber Reinforced-Shape Memory Composites Via Mechanochemistry and Transparent Conductive Oxides
Enhancement method of the paper strengths by infiltrating photocurable resin and cellulose nanofibers
Enhancement of interlaminar strength of 3D-printed carbon fiber reinforced plastic by layer-wise compaction
Enhancing Fracture Properties through Fiber Waviness Manufactured using Tailored Fiber Placement
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Flax Stems through Nanoparticle Uptake
Enhancing Stiffness and Damping in Graphene Oxide Films via Tuning Ionic Strength and Solvent Flux
Enhancing Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Composites Using Agave Fibers: A Sustainable Approach for Green Composite Materials
Evaluation Marcelling in Composites using Ultrasonic Guided Wave
Evaluation of Alumina Particle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites Fabricated by Accumulative Roll Bonding Method
Evaluation of an Intralaminar and Interlaminar Fiber-Aligned Finite Element Technique for Analyzing High-Energy Impact Damage on Composite Panel.
Evaluation of broadband EM waves absorbing performance of nickel-coated glass fibers/PEEK composite structures with sandwich corrugated cores and periodic pattern surface for lightning strike protection
Evaluation of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Out of Plane Wrinkled Prepreg Woven CFRP Laminates
Evaluation of Low Viscosity Epoxy Repair Resins for Delamination Injection Repair
Evaluation of the permeability of Carbon/Carbon composites to characterize the pyrolysis and re-infiltration of the carbon precursor during densification
Evaluation on fatigue degradation and residual strength of composite pressure vessel
Exceeding Structural Lifetimes: Asymptotic Self-Healing in Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites
Experiment and simulation study of compression behavior of reinforced I-beam lattices
Experimental and numerical investigation of shear-driven fracture in hybrid tape/fabric-laminate end-loaded-split specimens
Experimental characterization of mode II traction-separation laws for adhesively-bonded composites using an end-loaded split configuration.
Experimental characterization of subscale triangular, rollable, and collapsible deployable composite booms
Experimental investigation of transverse loading behavior of single IM7 carbon fibers for determining tensile strength at microscale gage-lengths
Experimental measurement of Mode-I and Mode-II traction separation laws for delamination in plain-weave glass epoxy composites.
Exploring 3D-Printed Ceramics: A Study in Nano-Reinforced Composites
Exploring Resistive (Joule) Heating for Energy-Efficient Bonding/De-Bonding of Composites
Extensional Viscosity and Microstructural Evolution of Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Composites in Forming
Extrusion-based additive manufacturing of large reinforced composite structures for aerospace applications
Fabrication and Testing of a Multi-Layered Graphene Oxide-Carbon Fiber Film
Failure Mechanism and Energy Absorption Characteristics of Auxetic Pyrolytic Carbon Reinforcements Embedded in Different Matrix Materials
Failure modes in notched laminated timber composites under bending loads
Failure Prediction of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials Using Data-Driven Modeling
Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured BN/PEI and BN/PEEK/PEI Blended Composites
Fatigue Failure Analysis of Bolted Joints Hybrid CFRP/Steel Fiber Metal Laminate
Fatigue Simulation for Damage Accumulation in Laminated Composites Using Microscopic Model and CZM-based Extended Finite Element Method
Fiber Interface Modification via Aqueous Dispersion-based Nanoparticle Deposition for High Performance Thermoplastic Composites
Fracturing Behavior and Scaling of Additively Manufactured Continuous Fiber Composites
Frequency and time domain analysis of guided waves in plate-like structures
Friction Drilling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminate and Metal Stacks
Frontal-Polymerization-Based Manufacturing of Composite Panels: Effect of Reinforcement Geometry
Frontal polymerized cladding enabled additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber/epoxy composites
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) of PolyEtherKetoneKetone (PEKK): Tailoring Tensile Strength via Process Parameter Optimization
Gamma-Ray Irradiation of CNT yarns for Improved Composite Strength: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Gas diffusion nonwoven carbon paper for fuel cell with controllable contact resistance and hydrophobicity by laser engraving
Heat Damage Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Composite Structures
Heating of thermoplastic composite tape using Arc-flash lamp used in Automated Fiber Placement manufacturing
Hierarchal multiscale process modeling of a textile composite Y-joint for the Aurora D8 aircraft
High-Fidelity Modeling of Bondline Failure in Polymeric Matrix Composites Considering the Effects of Manufacturing Defects
Highly compressed degradable natural fibre composites for circular bioeconomy
Honeycomb Core Cell Wall Buckling Interactions due to Waviness Imperfections in Inplane and Transverse to Core Thickness Directions under Compression Loading
Hybrid Green Composites using Soy Protein-based Resin, Rice Straw and Jute Fabrics
Hygroscopicity of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites
Identification of damage parameters under the uneven damage development in carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Identification of Optimal Processing Parameters for Defect Minimization in Agave/Epoxy Composites Manufactured from Vacuum-Assisted Resin Infusion
Image-based failure assessment of Li-ion batteries
Impact Fatigue in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
Implanted sensor for the monitoring of temperature of incoming tape in automated fiber placement of thermoplastic composites
Implementing Machine Learning Methodologies to Characterize Hidden Damages in Composite Plates Through Lamb Waves
Improved deposition rates in additive manufacturing of commingled tow-based continuous fiber-reinforced composites via alternating tow positioning
Improvement of Fatigue Life of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Composite by Modification of Vinyl Ester Matrix with Rubber Particles under cryogenic condition
Improving impact toughness of carbon fiber reinforced composite laminates using shear-toughened gel (STG): mechanism and performance optimization
Improving Nondestructive Evaluation of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials using Ultrasound and CT Data Fusion
Improving shear strength of adhesively bonded joints by out-of-plane compression for composite pressure vessels
In-Plane Mechanical and Piezoresistive Properties of Unidirectional Multifunctional Composites
In-situ Characterization of Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Composite Laminates in Diaphragm Forming
In-situ measurement of damage appearance and growth during impact tests on composite materials
In situ X-ray nCT experiment showing slope instabilities in PMC microstructures
Influence of Boundary Conditions and Crack Spacing in Simulation of Low Velocity Impact Response of Composite Laminated Plate
Influence of Nanoparticle-Reinforced Elium Thermoplastics on Lap Shear Strength of GFRP Joints
Influence of Shear on Crystallization Kinetics in Poly (ether ketone ketone) Nanocomposites
Integrated Process and Failure Analysis in Composites Using Multi-fidelity Simulations and Machine Learning
Integrating simulation and machine learning for accelerated analysis of composite curing
Interesting properties of 3D woven composite material made with different bio-sourced yarns
Interfacial Polymerization: A Scalable Pathway for Nanocomposite Manufacturing.
Interlaminar fracture toughness evaluation of a unidirectional slit tape thermoplastic composite
Interlaminar Shear Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Laminates Containing Magnetically Aligned Nickel-Coated, Diazotized Carbon Nanotubes
Intrinsic Self-healing of Vitrimeric Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Investigating the Low-Velocity Impact Resistance of Helicoidal and Double Double 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Layups
Investigating the significance of the R-curve in interlaminar crack growth of composite subjected to fatigue loading
Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Scalable Carbon Nanotubes/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Composites
Investigation of the Effect of Balsa Wood Core in a Curing Laminate Repair Using Process Modeling
Investigation on multifuctional properties of polyurethane/halloysite nanotube nanocomposites via fused deposition modelling
Isogeometric topology optimization for additively manufactured composites
Joining and Other Unique Thermoplastic Challenges for Aircraft Applications
Lamb waves in COSBs plate - towards Lamb waves NDE in COSBs
Lamellar Structure of High-Strength Direct-Spun CNT Yarns
Laser-induced graphene-aramid fabric composite as radar absorbing structure for stealth aircrafts
Leveraging Profilometry-Based Inspection Data to Capture Green-State Laminate Thickness of Automated Fiber Placement Structures
Localization of Impact Damage in Composite Material Subjected to Mechanical Loading using Electrical Impedance Tomography
Longitudinal debonding of single-fibre composites observed via in-situ synchrotron computed tomography at a 150 nm resolution
Machine Learning-Enriched Image-Based RKPM for Accessing Failure Mechanisms in Composite Materials
Manufacturing Defects in Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Woven Composites made of Repurposed Prepreg Scraps
Material characterization of flat laminate of carbon fiber reinforced plastic with filament winding structure manufactured by hexagonal shaped mandrel
Material Hybridization for Tunable TPMS Metastructures
Material Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composites with Silicon Carbide Matrix for Microstructure Analysis
Matrix crack propagation behavior of cross-ply CFRP laminates at cryogenic temperature
Mechanical Behavior of MXene-Polymer Layered Nanocomposite Using Computational Finite Element Analysis
Mechanical behavior of sustainable woven composites with architected Tencel fabric
Mechanical Properties and Durability of MXene Films for EMI Shielding
Mechanical Properties of Sisal Fiber Biochar Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Mechanical Recycling of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites for Increased Sustainability Through a Reduction of Waste Material
Mechanisms of Atomic Oxygen Erosion of Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Methods for Calculating Mode-Mix Ratios in Interlaminar Fracture of Composite Laminates
Micro-computed tomography to characterize in situ control of fiber volume fractions in fused filament fabrication
Micromechanical modeling of additively manufactured short fiber composites
Micromechanics Surrogate Model for Fatigue Life Prediction of Polymer and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Microplastic Recovering System Development: Mechanical Characterization of Nanomembranes with Taylor Wettability
Microstructural variability in composite pressure vessels and its effects on mechanical performance studied by computed tomography
Microstructure and manufacturing process impact on effective material properties in carbon/ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene nanocomposites
Mode-I interlaminar toughness of Prepreg Platelet Molded Composites
Mode II delamination response of nanofiber interlayered filament wound CFRP laminates under cryogenic conditions
Modeling Failure of a Single Fiber Pull-out Test with a Finite Volume Method
Modeling Fatigue Performance of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Modeling of Bicontinuous Electrolyte for Structural Batteries
Modeling the Deformation and Failure of 3D Woven CNT Composites
Modeling the Polymerization and Pyrolysis of SMP10 via Reactive Molecular Dynamics
Modeling the Strain Softening Behavior of Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Prepreg during Thermoforming
Molecular Dynamics Approach to Process Modeling and Material Characterization of PAN-based Carbon Fiber
Molecular Dynamics Prediction of Strain Rate-Induced Failure Mode Transitions in Crystalline Polyethylene
Molecular dynamics simulation of adhesion at a glass fiber and epoxy interphase with reinforcement cellulose nanocrystals
Molten Hydroxides for Rapid Degradation of Amine-cured Epoxy Composites and Recovery of BPA
Multi-scale Finite Element modelling of the tensile behavior of pseudo-ductile composites
Multiphysics Simulations of CFRP Degradation in Fire
Multiscale analysis of thermal barrier coated CFRP composites
Multiscale and Multifidelity Modeling of a 3D Woven Composite Thermal Protection System
Multiscale modeling for predicting mechanical properties of open hole laminates in 3D-printed carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics
Multiscale Modeling of the Effect of Semi-crystalline Morphology on the Thermomechanical Response of Thermoplastic Composites
Multiscale modeling to analyze failure of welded joint of thermosetting carbon-fiber-reinforced composites
Multiscale simulation of failure in fiber composites
Nanomechanics of Plant Cell Wall for Bioinspired Composite Design
Natural Fiber Reinforced Vitrimer Biocomposite with Enhanced Chemical Recyclability
Near Infrared Models for Non Destructive Evaluation of Low Velocity Impact Damage in Polymer Composites
Non-destructive investigation of materials damage and fatigue by neutrons scattering
Non-destructive Techniques for Characterization of Damage and Thermomechanical Signatures for Optimizing Composite Drilling
Nondestructive Inspection Method to Characterize Thermoset Prepreg Quality and the Effect of Material Process Conditions on Formability
Nondestructive Ultrasonic Testing of Aerospace Composite Parts via Efficient Inversion of Elastic Constants
Numerical Methodology for Wrinkling Prediction in Automated Fiber Placement
Open-hole Testing of Resin Infused Carbon Composite Laminates to Facilitate Damage Growth and Failure Analysis Tools for Structural Design
Optimal Design of Viscoelastic Laminated Sandwich Composite Structures considering Thermally-induced Deformation of Composite Skins using Lamination Parameters
Optimization of electromagnetic induction heating for adhesive bonding – A computational study on induction bonding process
Optimized Design Workflow for Patient-Customized Composite Orthotics
Opto-vascular Synchrony for Autonomous Self-healing and Self-sensing in Structural Polymers and Composites
Origami and Kirigami-inspired Sandwich Panels for UAM Primary Structural Applications
Out-of-plane compression behavior of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic for composite pressure vessel
Oxidative Aging of Recyclable and Traditional Thermosets
Paint Removal on Naval Aircraft Components Made of Composite Materials Using Type VII Starch Based Media
Performance of Cross-Laminated-Timber Against Rolling Shear Failure due to Out-of-Plane Bending
Peridynamic and RxFEM Simulations of Damage Initiation and Propagation in Microstructural Experiments
Physics-based Simulation of Bondline Thickness Evolution during the Cure Process
Piezoresistivity analysis of polymer composite piezoresistors and validation via Monte Carlo simulations
Plasma treatment of aramid, glass, and flax fabrics to increase the mechanical properties of FRP composites
Plasma Treatment of Carbon Nanotube Composites for Aerospace Structures
Point Cloud Failure Criterion for Orthotropic Composite Materials
Post-Multiple-Impact Damage Characterization in CFRP Laminates using X-ray Micro-Computed Tomography
Predicting effective properties of unidirectional non-crimp fabric composites with manufacturing-induced defects using a multiscale ANN model
Predicting Fracture Toughness in Polymer Nanocomposites using Concurrently Coupled Atomistic-Continuum Simulations
Predicting Macroscopic Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Composites Based on Microscale Fiber Morphologies
Predicting the Compaction Response of a Plain Woven Textile Incorporating Fiber Entanglement
Prediction of Long-Term Creep Deformation Caused by Process-Induced Residual Stresses in Cross-Ply Laminates
Prediction of process-induced deformations in thermoset composites using a higher-order FE-based ICME framework
Progressive damage analysis of CFRP pressure vessels with dome/cylinder bonded structure
Progressive damage analysis of complex 3D textile based composite parts using discrete damage modeling and independent mesh method
Progressive Damage Modeling of Stitched Double Cantilevered Beam Specimens Using Cohesive Zones
Propagation Rate Transients in the Fatigue Characterization of Adhesives
Quantitative Analysis of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Interactions with Single-Mode Damage in Composite Laminates
Quantitative Comparison of Local Strain Data in Micromechanics Models and Experiments of Composite Micropillars
Quantum-Informed Reactive Molecular Dynamics for In Situ Polymerization of Nanocomposites
Quasi-Static Properties of 5320-1/IM7 12K Unidirectional Laminates Toughened with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Rapid Curing Isothermal Resins for Aerospace Applications
Rapid Fatigue Life Assessment of CFRP Specimens with Modified Geometries Using Infrared Thermography
Rapid process modeling and residual stress evaluation of 3D-woven CNT/epoxy composites via higher-order FE modeling
Rare-event Reliability Evaluation OF Additively Manufactured Composites with High-Throughtput Tests
Rectifying Efficiency Measures for Vascular Based Thermal Regulation in Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites
Recycled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) for a Circular Economy Approach: Case Study of a 3D Printed Wind Energy Generator
Reliability-based design and certification of hybrid composites
Repairing of CFRP composites using UV-induced frontal polymerization
Residual Strength and Stiffness of Reclaimed Lumber and Cross Laminated Timber: Toward Structural Reuse in Net Negative/Zero Carbon Buildings
Residual strength prediction of composites after fatigue loading
Resilient Behavior of Additive Manufactured CF/Nylon Origami Hybrid Composites for Aerospace Damping
Response Surface Based Thermo-mechanical Material Property Search Approach To Avoid Matrix Cracking in CFRP Pressure Vessels
Role of free-volumes in mechanical response of thermoset resins
Scalable fabrication of networked LFP/CNT/PVP heterostructures on the carbon fiber as structural cathode for energy storage in composites
Self-catalysed frontal polymerisation enables fast & energy-efficient manufacturing of fibre reinforced composites
Self-healing and thermal transport behavior of mxene vitrimer composite
Shear Connection Analysis in G-FRP Composite Beams: Experimental and FEM Study
Shell-Type Element for Composite Bonded Joint Design
Shrinkage Induced Distortions in Symmetric Laminates of Double Curvature
Simulating High Energy Dynamic Impact of IM7/PEKK Continuous Fiber Laminated Thermoplastic Composite using Coupon Level Experiments
Simulating the crystal growth of PPS using molecular dynamic methods
Solving the Internal Strain Field in 3D Random Short Fiber Composites using Known Surface Strains
Statistical Multiscale Progressive Failure Analysis of Unbalanced Plain Weave Composites
Stiffness and Strength Uncertainty Quantification for Fused Filament Fabricated Composites
Strength-based topology and orthogonal fiber path optimization of continuous fiber composites
Strength Prediction for Composite Parts Utilizing the Material Modeling Approach
Stress-based analysis using an extended variational approach for composite laminates with alternating material properties in the loading direction
Stretch Steering of Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Tapes using Laser Tape Placement: Minimizing Placement Defects
Structural Integrity Characterization of Multifunctional Energy Storage Composites
Structural Sizing of a 50-m-Tall Thermoplastic Composite Solar Array Truss Tower Structure for the Lunar South Pole
Structure-Density-Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Carbon Investigation using ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics
Student Paper Advancements in Thermo-Viscoelastic Composite Process Modeling through FEA Optimization
Synergistic enhancement of mechanical properties in Flax fibers by supercritical fluid and TiO2 nanoparticles
Tension-Tension Fatigue Behavior of Carbon/Epoxy Composites with Carbon Nanotube Interlayers
Testing and Simulation of an Off-Axis Composite Micro-Pillar
Theoretical analysis of CFRP composite laminates under compression with small ply angle change using Thin-Ply composites
Thermal and Pressure Modeling in Laser-Assisted Automated Fiber Placement
Thermal modeling for autoclave curing of composite structures: From high-fidelity thermal CFD to physics-informed machine learning
Thermo-mechanical Piezoresistive Behavior of UD Multifunctional Composite Laminates for Next Generation Aircraft Structures
Thermo-physical and Thermo-mechanical Characterization of Thermoplastic Composites for Predicting Process-Induced Deformations
Three-dimensional structural analysis of shell structures using MSG based Timoshenko beam model.
Time-frequency analysis for interlaminar defect characterization in composite plates through ultrasonic guided waves
Toward realistic simulation of transient events within an efficient workflow using implicit and explicit solver: Application on laminated composite materials
Towards Mesoscale Simulations of As-Woven Components
Transfer learning for multiscale analysis: modeling delamination of carbon-reinforced composite material
Uncertainty Quantification in Advanced Aerospace Composite Manufacturing Through Stochastic Finite Element Analysis and Probabilistic Machine Learning
Understanding strain rates and defects in composite energy absorbers
Understanding the Loading Memory of Composites Using Ultrasonic Inspection
Understanding the Mechanics of Embroidery Lock Stitching for use in Stitch-Based Composite Reinforcement Hybridization.
Unlocking Optimal Performance: Investigating Superior Strategies for Intermittent Fibre-Matrix Interface Enhancement
Unsupervised Learning of Damage Modes during Fatigue of Composites
Use of ASTM Standards in Teaching Mechanics of Composites
Use of Convolutional Neural Networks for Microscale Simulations in Progressive Damage Analysis in Composites
Using Neural Network to Improve Failure Predictions
Utilizing Through Thickness Frontal Polymerization for Rapid and Continuous Lamination of Carbon Fiber Beams
Validating coarse-grained models of thermoplastics for fusion bonding
Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification of a Parametric Model for the Structural Response of Bonded 3D Textile Pi-Preform Joints
Viscoelastic Behavior of Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Thermoplastic Melts
Vitrimer-Based Recyclable Hydrogen Storage Vessels
Water absorption properties and tensile strength of carbon fibers/polyamide 6 composite formed by fused-deposition-modeling-type 3D printer
Wet Compression Molding of Biocomposites
Wrinkle formation of tow steered laminated structure during automatic fiber placement

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