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About this Symposium
Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Frontiers in Solidification Science VIII
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Chemistry and Physics of Materials Committee
TMS: Phase Transformations Committee
TMS: Solidification Committee
TMS: Computational Materials Science and Engineering Committee
Organizer(s) Damien Tourret, IMDEA Materials Institute
Amy J. Clarke, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ulrike Hecht, Access e.V.
Nana Ofori-Opoku, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Melis Serefoglu, Marmara University
Tiberiu Stan, Asml
Scope The eighth “Frontiers in Solidification" symposium will provide a forum to present and discuss the latest advances in the field of Solidification Science. The main focus will be on the fundamental aspects of solidification, with the aim of advancing our understanding of how microstructures develop and evolve during solidification experiments or processes. Beyond solidification, contributions that investigate melting phenomena are also encouraged. The widest range of investigation methods are considered, including theory, experiments, characterization, modeling across all relevant length and time scales, as well as data-driven approaches. Contributions will put forward original interpretations, observations of novel phenomena, and/or outstanding challenges from both fundamental and applied perspectives, as well as transfer of fundamental knowledge to practical applications. Contributions that combine novel characterization techniques, challenging property measurements, and computational simulations across scales are especially encouraged.

Topics of interest include:
• Nucleation
• Growth
• Melting
• Interfaces and boundaries (solid-liquid, solid-solid, stability, anisotropy, kinetics,...)
• Pattern formation (cellular, dendritic, eutectic, peritectic,...)
• Fluid flow and gravity effect on microstructure formation and evolution
• Segregation and defects
• In-situ and time-resolved imaging of microstructures
• Theory and modeling across all relevant length scales
• Emerging processing techniques (e.g. additive manufacturing)
• Data-driven methods in solidification science

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned:

3D Phase-field Simulations of Pattern Formation during Freeze Casting
A Comparison of Terrestrial and Microgravity Isothermal Equiaxed Alloy Solidification through Machine Learning, Multi-stage Thresholding and Sub-dendrite-based In Situ X-ray Video Processing
A Method of Estimation of Solid-liquid Interface Anisotropy Based on Machine Learning Combined with Phase-field Simulations
A Model for Dendrite Fragmentation in Alloy Solidification
Bridging Multiscale Models for Predicting Nano and Microstructures in Rapid Solidification of Metals and Alloys
Cellular Automaton Modeling of Solidification Microstructure and Microporosity in Multi-component Aluminum Alloys
Characterization of Dendritic Spatially Extended 3D Patterns in Directional Solidification: Microgravity Experiments in DECLIC-DSI Onboard ISS and 3D Phase-field Simulations
Coexistence of Rod-like and Lamellar Eutectic Growth Patterns: In Situ Experiments in Microgravity
Combination of X-ray Topography and Radiography for In Situ and Time Resolved Investigation of the Solidification of Silicon
Comparison of Solidification Characteristics of In-situ X-radiography Experiments and DNN Simulations
Coupled and Decoupled Eutectic Growth in a Transparent Irregular Eutectic Alloy
Coupling of Solidification Grain Structures with Heat and Mass Transfers
Crystal-orientation Maps of Lamellar Eutectic Growth Microstructures in Thin Al-Al2Cu Films Obtained by Laue Microdiffraction
Data-assimilation for Dendritic Solidification Using Phase-field Simulation Based on Limited Observation Data
Dendritic Spacing Selection during Al-Cu Casting: Experiments and Multiscale Simulations
Directional Solidification of Al-10wt.%Cu Alloy in Hypergravity
Effect of Vacuum during Flow in High-pressure Die Casting: Water Analog Experiments
Effects of Process Conditions and Morphology Evolution on Microsegregation During Solidification: A Combined Phase-field and Experimental Study
Electronic-structure Calculations of Local Orders in Liquid Metals
Experimental Observations of Mechanisms of Pattern Formation during Freeze Casting
Facetted Growth in Isothermal Solidification of Silicon: 3D Phase-field Simulations of Growth and Equilibrium Shapes
Grain Competition in Polycrystalline Columnar Dendritic Solidification: Scale Bridging between Phase Field and Cellular Automaton Methods
Grain Refinement Mechanisms of A6061-RAM2 Metal Matrix Composite Alloys during Laser Powder Bed-fusion (LPB-F)
Grain Selection after a Massive-like Transformation from Ferrite to Austenite during Solidification in Fe-based Alloys
In-situ Measurement of Dendrite Tip Shape in a Metallic Alloy
In Situ Quantification of Degenerate Graphite Nodule Formation during the Solidification of Ductile Cast Iron
In Situ Studies of Alloy Solidification Using Dynamic TEM
Interaction of Hydrogen-bubbles with the Approaching Solidification Front in Al-Cu Melt - An In-situ Study
Introductory Comments: Frontiers in Solidification Science VIII
ISRO-mediated Nucleation in Fcc Alloys during Rapid Melting and Solidification Processes
Lamellar Spacing Selection during Oscillatory Eutectic Solidification
Melting of Metastable Solid-states in Au-Si Eutectic Alloy
Microstructural Evolution in Metallic Alloys during Solidification
Microstructure Evolution during Melting
Morphological Evolution during Solidification
Multi-phase-field Lattice Boltzmann Modeling and Simulations for Semi-solid Deformation
Multiscale Modeling of Alloy Dendritic Growth with Liquid Convection
Numerical Model of Al-33wt%Cu Eutectic Growth during Impulse Atomization
Orientation Relationships and Pattern Evolution In Directionally Solidified Al-Cu-Mg Ternary Eutectic
Orientation Relationships between Al3Ti and TiB2 due to Nucleation and Pushing/Engulfment
Permeability Prediction of Dendritic Mushy Zone by Phase-field and Lattice Boltzmann Simulations
Phase-field Simulations of the Lamella-to-rod Transition in Eutectic Solidification
Phase Field Modeling of Biomineralization? Microstructure Evolution in Mollusk Shells
Phase Field Modeling of Solidification with Application to Template-directed Solidification
Probing the Growth Dynamics of Eutectic Colonies in Zn-Al via X-ray Video Microscopy
Quantification of the Extent of Disequilibrium at the Solid-liquid Interface during Additive Manufacturing
Rapid Solidification of Polycrystalline Al-Cu with a Quantitative Phase Field Model and In-situ Imaging
Shapes of Dendritic Tips at Small and Large Undercoolings
Solidification and Fluid Convection - The Story of an Inseparable Couple
Structural Changes during Crystallization and Vitrification of Dilute FCC-based Binary Alloys
Synchrotron Examination of Nucleation and Growth of Nodular and Compacted Graphite Particles during Cyclic Solidification of Ductile Cast Iron
Understanding the Role of Magnetic Fields on Freckle Formation during Solidification through In Situ Imaging
Unraveling the Effect of Solid-liquid Interfacial Anisotropy on Pattern Formation in Rapid Directional Solidification of Binary Alloys
Using Composition and Patterning to Induce Solidification Instabilities in Al-Cu Eutectic Thin Films

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